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7 Steps to Building and Growing a LinkedIn Company Page

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7 Steps to Building and Growing a LinkedIn Company Page

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LinkedIn Company pages are just like a little website, they make it so simple to market your wares.  They have thought about everything and all you have to do is spend a little time setting it up.  I am now going set my new one up and start from scratch.  So as of today, I have 0, zip, nada, nilch null null followers.  Watch this space….

How long do you think it will take me to grow it to 1,000 followers?

I am going to focus on this now as I think it will pay off dividends in the months to come.

So I am going to create a great page, really outline my services and then market it like mad.

Step One

Tart it up with your branding!  Make it your home and be proud of it.  Remember brand consistency across the platforms and make sure that your visitors can see what your business is all about by looking at your big picture.  After all, big pictures are for big pictures! Try to tell the story of your company in images.

Here you can see that BYB sits inside the imaginary Little Web Design Shop.  The shop is a DES RES for creatives to make believe and imagine.  We have a magic dressing up box and it is a brand land for us to come up with gorgeous web accessories, social media bling and trend-setting ideas.

brandland 7 Steps To Building & Growing A LinkedIn Company Page

Step Two

Add your products and services on and give them lots of detail.  Remember to use your keywords and think about keeping it short and concise. 

Use images to sub-brand your offers.

I used a number of different categories to make sure that I appeared in a variety of searches. 

Each product or service gets its own little page, just like a website, so do make use of this.

Step Three

Add promotions to your products.  I made a number of promotions up and offered them to LinkedIn members.

Step Four

2013 01 25 1234 7 Steps To Building & Growing A LinkedIn Company PagePromote your company, add a badge to your site linking to the company profile.  Leave the link in various places. 
Put it on your business card.
Link to it from your LinkedIn profile.

Step Five

Go premium!  There are tons of great features on LinkedIn Premium including better search results, access to decision makers, a gold badge and more opportunities.  Money well spent. 

Step Six

Target the right people.  Take 10 minutes a day to contact the right people on LinkedIn and connect with them.  Offer them a reason to follow your page and ask them if they wouldn’t mind sharing.  Make lists and groups and feature your special groups on the side.

Step Seven

Add great content regularly, remembering your 5 Rs.  The same rules apply to your company profile that do to your website.







Setting up a company profile will be part of the 5 day WordPress Courses in Cumbria.


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