7 Ways Big Data Influences Mobile App Sales

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7 Ways Big Data Influences Mobile App Sales

There's so much that goes into mobile app development and sales. Have you thought about how Big Data influences the work that you are doing? Begin your next project with these things in mind. Here are 7 ways that Big Data is influencing mobile app sales.

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The collection of data helps corporations, marketers, and mobile application developers understand what consumers want and expect from a brand. Data also helps companies analyze their own practices versus consumer reaction to make adjustments to assist with brand growth.

The customer satisfaction rating of one app that is similar in function to one in development may provoke changes to be made before releasing the new app to show superiority in development.

International Boundaries

When developing an application, it is important to consider who exactly is going to be using it. If your plan is for global development, you must ensure that the app will run in all countries it is marketed in. For instance, apps tend to run slowly in China so building your app should require optimization for Chinese users. It also takes a greater amount of time to develop an app for use in China as many tend to time-out and frustrate users.

Analyzing Consumer Opinion

Studies completed in 2012 proved that they were a  35-percent increase in app engagement for 12 app companies that optimized customer insights. A direct result of optimized consumer insight increased sales for those companies an average of 20-percent. Listening to consumer ratings, reviews and data from usage patterns helps make improvements to applications to increase app sales.

In-App Purchasing Options

The ability to make a purchase in-app or speak with a customer service representative in-app is a valuable feature for app developers to consider. Apps with these features are more likely to generate sales and downloads. These users are also more likely to pay to purchase an app as it enhances security and enhanced consumer experiences are expected.

Determine Market Crowding

Data can be used to gauge market crowding prior to releasing a new application. The data returned can be used to see how many other apps of the same type exist, what the features are, how it functions and how satisfied users are with the app. This is helpful information when it comes to determining whether to offer an app for free or earn revenue by selling your apps in an open marketplace.

Specific Target Marketing

Data can be used within an app to remarket and implement target marketing practices. This improves local SEO practices and boosts local company sales. Being able to notify a consumer, by having a beacon or sensor protocol in place can send notifications when a customer is near a business. The news of a flash-deal or special offer because they are close-by makes a consumer more likely to stop in and make a purchase.

Improved Brand Accessibility

The ability to access a brand directly from a mobile app is ideal for today’s society. Much of the world accesses the Internet from a mobile device, which includes accessing direct brand websites, so a mobile app with the same features only makes sense. The more access consumers have to interact with and make purchases from a brand, the more favorable the overall brand reputation is.

Data can be collected to determine consumer satisfaction based upon a comparison of brands that do have mobile access and those that do not. Those without mobile access are likely to receive neutral and negative feedback as consumers in today’s world see having to use a second method of contacting a brand as an inconvenience.

Understanding Mobile Gaming Habits

Mobile gaming apps are typically downloaded to pass the time or cure boredom. The game has to be engaging and entertaining. It also has to have different levels and tactics involved to keep users waiting to unlock new tools and features with increased advancement. Many mobile gamers abandon games due to app freezing, inability to pass levels on dozens of tries, or requiring friends to help unlock new levels. Data can be used to analyze exactly why users abandon games, what types of games are preferred and what features keep them playing.

Final Word

Data is important in terms of influencing mobile app sales. Creating the same app as another development company provides nothing new or exciting to mobile app users. Your app has to add value to their lives in some way — whether it is a convenience or tool to assist with personal organization as an example. Test your markets before it becomes a market and pull data from other app development companies to include features to boost sales for your mobile app.

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