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8 Captivating Examples of Loading Animations

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8 Captivating Examples of Loading Animations

Having a creative preloader is a simple yet effective way of ensuring that your end user is engaged at every part of the user journey.

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As users are offered more and more in terms of loading speed, amount of info and expansive search results, they are becoming more impatient if the website loading takes longer than they expected. So designers are doing their best to entertain the users every second they spend on the page, including the preloaders. Captivating and fun preloaders can hold the user's attention and prevent them from leaving your page. We have created a list with 8 examples of creative and captive loading animations that are fun to look at and will get your users talking about them!

A Bit of Intro...

Preloaders are important and crucial website elements that let your users know everything is OK with the website; it did not crash, it’s just processing the information. They can come in many form sand shapes, but recently designers have started paying a lot of attention to them. Smart preloaders can engage the user and even positively affect the users and their attitude towards the website. Remember the famous Google dino that appears when a connection is lost? This is an excellent example of turning something negative into something positive: while they're busy breaking the high score, the user might even want the connection to stay lost!

So we’ve created and assembled this list of fun preloaders that you can consider using in your website. Enjoy and let us know which one grabbed your attention in comments!

Books on the Shelves

Image title

This one is perfect for educational websites, libraries, and bookshops. Great for anything related to studies and knowledge, this minimalistic preloader looks attractive, yet fits into a business style without being too boring.

The Cheesy Pizza 

Image title

What can be better than pizza, especially with lots of cheese that makes everybody drool? This animation is fun, and not necessarily only for use on food websites! It can be used for TV, movies, and any kind of media entertainment website — or for a business if it’s creative enough.

The Bouncy Button

Image title

This preloader is special because it features a few actions and looks more like a teeny-tiny cartoon rather than just a simple preloader. It’s basically universal and can be used for online shops, banks, and educational institutions; just make sure it goes well with your overall website colors and design. What’s nice about it is the fact it keeps you amused and engaged — you are willing to know what will happen to the button and it makes you forget you’ve been waiting for the page to load.

The Bird Head

Image title

This animation looks fun, but at the same time, it’s rather simple. Despite its look, it can be used for TV, radio, movies, social media and similar websites.

The Paper Shredder

Image title

OK, who doesn’t enjoy looking at things being deleted or shredded? It gives you some strange sort of inner peace, so it's no wonder this animation is on our list. It’s fun and it’s relaxing (in its own way), and would fit perfectly for personal blogs and entertainment websites.

For the Sports Lovers

Image title

This one is quite obvious — all kinds of sports websites, news, and digests can make effective use of this preloader. However, you can use the idea for your own business and replace the numerous balls with other objects that may appeal more to your audience. 

The Merger

Image title

This animation is rather simple, but don’t underestimate it. It’s captivating, attractive and rather neutral so it would fit for any kind of business or website. Play with colors and shapes and voila! The perfect preloader for you and your business!

The Running Man

Image title

It’s funny, it’s pretty and you smile when you look at it — what more would you ask for from a preloader? This little buddy can be used for personal blogs, entertainment, sports, even education — all due to positive emotions it makes you feel!

Summing Up

This list is just a short overlook of what preloaders you can use and in what forms they come. There are many free preloaders you can find on the Internet or you can choose a more challenging way and build your own (or ask for it at software development company). This way you will have a 100% unique animation created especially for you that would totally reflect your brand and your message for the users. Don’t be afraid to be daring and creative — your users will appreciate that!

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