8 Reasons To Opt for Angular.JS in The Development Process

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8 Reasons To Opt for Angular.JS in The Development Process

Exploring Angular.JS development? Check out these important points that why you should opt for Angular js framework for web development process.

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Angular.JS is a well-known platform to develop dynamic web applications. It helps to build interactive and feature-rich websites for the users.  However, this framework supports Single Page web apps and MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture. It is considered as the most preferred platform for the developers and delivers enterprise profitability. 

Learn about Angular.JS

Angular.JS is a JavaScript framework and written in Javascript language only. It helps to develop Single Page Applications and runs on Javascript engine platform. This framework is known to develop front end web frameworks. Launched on 20 Oct 2010,  under MIT License. 

The major thing that attracts developers towards it, is its based on open source technology. It offers a wide range of benefits for the developers such as the latest updated version, flexible, and helps to deliver high quality software with the support of a huge community. In order to leverage all the benefits of Angular.JS open-source framework, an open-source developer, who can meet with your project requirements. 

Angular.JS offers several reasons to the developers to opt for this framework. In this blog, let’s know other reasons why developers should opt for the Angular.JS framework

Reasons to Opt For the Angular.JS Framework 

1) Faster Development With MVC 

Angular.JS boost the development process, with other frameworks, it used to take months to complete the project. This framework supports MVC structure which refers to Model - View - controller. By separating the solution into three different parts, it turns the development process into easier and faster.

2) Ready to Use Templates 

The best thing about this framework is it offers ready to use templates, which turns the integration of templates into effortless and hassle free. Even people who have little computer skills can also create best templates with Angular.JS. 

3) Code Reusability

Angular.JS saves a huge time by offering an opportunity to the developers to reuse the codes in their projects. However, the coding process is a time consuming process for the developers, and takes a lot of efforts. However, Angular.JS allows developers to use the same code, which they had used in their previous projects. 

4) Less Coding  

Now, this is the next benefit that developers can leverage. They save  time by reducing the coding process. Angular.JS helps to simplify the coding process into easier and faster. However, coders require less time for coding with this framework. 

  • Offers a simple database, developers don’t have to integrate any extra functionalities. 

  • Other teams can also write the code without any third party integration 

  • Filters allows data to modify or alter data in the view model, without interference in the controller part. 

  • It helps to simplify the testing process with in-built dependency functionalities. 

Easy Third-Party Integration 

Angular.JS developers are not confined with the limited functionalities, or they are not dependent on the Angular.JS. To leverage other platform benefits, it supports third party integration services. This turns the functionalities into limitless. 

Apart from this, it has in-built third party functionalities. In order to meet the modern development requirements, it comes with pre-in-built modules  such as Telerik’s Kendo UI, Ionic, Famo.us, Wijmo and others.

Easy Testing Process 

Angular.JS offers an easy testing process, developers have designed the framework to deliver the testing process into a few steps. It is easy to detect the errors in the solution. 

High Performance 

It is based on high performance, easy to use, and robust framework. It is considered as the finest framework for the development process. It offers high end features to the developers such as routing, content sanitization, API client, animations, validations, and many more. The list is endless. Angular.JS saves a huge time of developers and the cost of enterprises with greater ease. 

Highly Secure 

Top enterprises prefer to opt for this framework as it meets with the high concern of the business and that is security. Angualr.JS is a highly secure platform, and industry experts are constantly working on data security with easy access to different channels by the team in a secure way. However, it will turn the business flow into streamline and highly secure. Angular.JS based solutions  are  known as highly secure and powerful solutions. 


Angular offers several reasons to the developers to opt for this framework for the development process. It is the best open-source technology and huge community turns it upgraded and able to meet with modern enterprise solutions requirements. 

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