8 Serverless Tools/Platforms to Watch Out For

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8 Serverless Tools/Platforms to Watch Out For

This post discusses some of the amazing serverless tools and platforms which are making serverless applications work successfully.

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The rise of mobile apps and applications of IoT is accelerating the growth of serverless technologies.

This new paradigm of serverless architecture is changing the manner in which software and applications are developed and deployed. Moreover, with nothing to manage at all, it is strongly advocating the NoOps model.

However, with the popularity of serverless architecture, the number of FaaS and BaaS providers has also increased. Let's have a look at some of the popular ones.


1. Microsoft Azure Functions

2. Google Cloud Functions

3. AWS Lambda Functions

4. Iron.io

5. IBM Cloud Functions


1. Amazon API Gateway

2. AnyPresence

3. Appery.io

4. Baqend

5. Skygear

More to that, there are some amazing platforms which are helping developers in fueling the serverless performance so that they don't spend much time in configuring the underlying infrastructure. And somehow they often fail to come in the limelight.

Hence, this post discusses some of the amazing serverless tools/platforms which are making serverless applications work successfully.

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#1. Clay: This can be used to create an HTTPS function instantly. This gives more focus on exceptional developer experience. Its editor can be used for improved debugging, access to all NPM packages and to store private keys securely.

#2. LambCI: This is a small package which can be uploaded to your AWS Lambda and is triggered when you push new code or push existing requests on GitHub and run your tests. It supports languages like Java, Go, Python, etc. The prerequisite to use LambCI is AWS Account and OAuth token.

#3. Node Lambda: This is a command line tool to locally run and deploy your Node.js application to Amazon Lambda. It was created in 2009 as an open source project to help JavaScript developers to easily share packaged modules of code.

#4. Gordon: This is a tool to create, wire and deploys AWS Lambdas using CloudFormation. This supports Python, Golang, Scala, Java, and JavaScript.

#5. Kappa: This is an inline command line tool that makes it easier to deploy, update and test functions for AWS Lambda. It creates the IAM execution role and its associated policies for you. If in case, you need to make changes, you can easily update your Lambda function with Kappa.

#6. Lambda Uploader: This is a quick command line utility tool for packaging and publishing Python AWS Lambda functions.

#7. Open Lambda: This is an open-source serverless computing platform which supports most of the leading serverless platforms.

#8. Back&: This is a single platform from where you can run multi-cloud and serverless applications. It provides, Database-as-a-Service, Function-as-a-Service, Security-as-a-Service, and Integration-as-a-Service.

Serverless Monitoring Platforms

#1. IOPipe: This is a high fidelity metrics and monitoring services (like function performance metrics, real-time alerts, distributed stack traces, real-time dashboards) which allows you to see through your AWS Lambda functions for better insights into the daily operations and development of serverless applications.

#2. Dashbird: This works by collecting logs through AWS CloudWatch APIs. It has some distinct features like end-to-end serverless monitoring, error tracking and debugging which can help in performance and cost optimization.

#3. Stackery: This is a serverless console which provides an intuitive automation, predictable performance, and operational control. It is known for improving security, transparency, and reliability across the entire stack.


This was just a small glimpse of what the landscape of serverless technology consists. However, this landscape has no boundaries and one must continue exploring it from time to time as the key to the successful serverless app is the right selection of tools.

If you think I've missed anything, feel free to get in touch with the comment section and I'd love to discuss.

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