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8 Software Development Companies Doing Great Things in Europe

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8 Software Development Companies Doing Great Things in Europe

Interested in starting your own development company? Check out what these awesome companies are doing in Europe with a tech stack that covers just about everything.

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The European startup scene has been growing more than ever and unless you are building everything in-house, very often, external help is needed when it comes to development. Which is why I decided to list down some great software development companies in Europe. 

Going back to technology and innovation in Europe, today, we can see companies emerging with a value of $10 billion. Some European cities are attracting more investments and acquisitions and deep technology is thriving in this area. 

Not only are startups growing, but the big, well-established players in the traditional industries are now awakening to tech and going through complete digital transformation processes. Apparently, 2/3 of the largest companies in Europe invested in a tech company. Other huge foreign companies are expanding in Europe. 

The list I did of amazing software development companies in Europe is mainly based on companies that use what I believe to be strong work methodologies and interesting programming languages, more specifically, companies that offer various options.

8 Great Software Development Companies in Europe

Geeks Ltd, London

Geeks is a great discovery. Positioned as a “Bespoke software development” company, its purpose is to help all sorts of clients (going from entrepreneurs to department directors) when it comes to solving business problems, boosting efficiency and digital success, by developing software platforms.

The company offers different kinds of services such as web development, software development, mobile applications, system integration, and more. Apart from those services, Geeks also offers solutions going from business automation to database solutions.

The team puts a great importance in understanding the requirements of a project to be able to propose the right solution. They have a user centric approach and build prototypes to get a better feel of what the end product can look like. The team follows Agile software development methodologies and follows a Test Driven Development approach when it comes to testing.

Companies like EasyJetBBC and HMV have trusted Geeks with their digital and software projects.

Apiumhub, Barcelona

For a while now, Barcelona has been considered one of the top innovation hubs in Europe. No wonder we’ve seen so many emerging start-ups in the past few years.

Apiumhub is a software development company that offers all sorts of services going from web development to mobile app development. The company wants to create a tech hub that reunites innovation, design, and technology. For that, they partner with other experts in the industry in order to cover the whole cycle of product development of their clients.

They, along with all sorts of clients from different kinds of industries, build platforms that are scalable, reliable and high performing. With experts in software architecture, the team has a strong knowledge of service oriented architecture, continuous integration, microservices, docker, reactive programming, and much more.

The team uses technologies like Scala, React, Angular, Java, and specializes in Agile software development methodologies, applying TDD, continuous integration, and unit testing. They have been working with great companies like NestléAXA, and Adidas.

Futurice, Stockholm

Futurice designs and builds digital services and helps companies in general when it comes to their digital transformation process. The core of their business is app development for mobile and the web, but they also cover other parts such as solution architecture, quality assurance, and Agile coaching.

The technologies used vary from Node.js to Java and Spring, Ruby on Rails to iOS and Android, and Xamarin. With a strong international presence, Futurice has been working with clients like EyeEm and Orange.

Intellectsoft, Oslo

Intellectsoft provides their clients with custom software solutions, more specifically, they are a “mobile-first software development company.” They build software solutions for omnichannel commerce, the blockchain, document management, intranets, etc., that are tailored to the needs of their clients (of any size) and they mention using the latest technologies when it comes to development.

Their team follows Agile methods when it comes to software development, their process is quite iterative and let’s just say they are strong believers of the power of Quality Assurance. The team of software and app developers as well as business and marketing experts mainly offer services related to product development, consulting, and mobile app development. 

Intellectsoft has worked with big names from different industries such as Jaguar, Land Rover, Eurostar, and Harley-Davidson, helping them develop their software.

ThoughtWorks, Berlin

You should know that Germany has seen its technology scene boom, especially in Berlin. The city is home to many amazing tech companies, like ThoughtWorks.

Doing a list of amazing software development companies without ThoughtWorks wouldn’t even make sense! Although the software company covers all industries, they specialize in financial services, government, retail, and travel.  

On the one hand, the team helps clients with their digital strategy, experience design, customer research and testing, etc. And on the other hand, they provide tech services such as software delivery and legacy re-engineering, microservices and evolutionary architecture, continuous delivery, and more.

The company specializes in Agile methodologies and has worked with companies like NokiaTimeOut, and many others. Finally, they offer their own Agile products for continuous delivery, test automation, and project management; GoCDSnapGauge, and Mingle.

Xebia, Amsterdam 

Xebia is a company that provides products and consulting services, helping businesses to grow and get better. They “turn the latest technology trends into advantages for their customers.”

This software company has its own products that are used for continuous delivery, software release, deployment automation, management tools for tests, and more. Other than their own products, Xebia offers various services to help with Agile transformations, digital strategy, DevOps, continuous delivery, big data, cloud, software development, etc.

They put great importance in the software architecture of platforms, making sure the team respects the four Agile software development principles.

They have been working with companies from all sorts of industries like INGSNCF, and even with Tesla.

Reaktor, Helsinki 

The team at Reaktor has 10+ years of experience in building digital products, and part of their strategy is to partner up with other ambitious companies with whom they can improve the potential of digital products.

Like many big leaders, this company follows Agile methodologies and helps its clients to become Agile too. They build prototypes and do continuous iterations to get the right product at the right time.

Over the years, the team has worked with all types of companies from industries such as healthcare and finance. Some of the big players that were helped by Reaktor are companies like NASDAQ and Finnair

KMD, Copenhagen

KMD helps all kinds of companies to work more efficiently by providing them software solutions and IT services. They have their own software solutions and are quite used to working with industries that have very large volumes of transactions.

With more than 45 years in the business, they are leaders in the Danish public sector. The services offered vary from consultancy, development, operations, and maintenance to software, system, and infrastructure support.

Summing Up

Again, in this list, I included software development companies that I found great based on a few characteristics such as programming languages used, variety of technologies used, working methodologies, experience with all sorts of clients, etc.

This obviously doesn’t mean that those companies are the best you can find in Europe, but I would say they are all doing amazing things, and the fact that they are based in cities that are hubs for tech and innovation, makes it even more interesting because they get to work with huge, well-established companies, as well as with other startups with huge potential.  

If you have other companies you would like to share, don’t hesitate to add it in the content section! It’s always great to discover more experts. 

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