80+ Oracle EBS Customers Searching for a Tailored ERP Test Management Solution Migrate

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80+ Oracle EBS Customers Searching for a Tailored ERP Test Management Solution Migrate

Eaton realized 30% savings in testing time, cutting the overall project time frame from 6 months to 3 months using Panaya CloudQuality™ suite.

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A new wave of Oracle EBS customers are replacing existing test management solutions such as HPQC and OATS, choosing Panaya’s CloudQuality™ Suite to standardize testing and accelerate the way they deliver EBS releases.  Major corporations like Eaton are choosing simplicity over complexity when it comes to Oracle EBS testing. 

Eaton, a leading provider of energy-efficient solutions to more than 175 countries with 96,000 employees, chose to standardize on Panaya’s CloudQuality™ Suite (PCQ) to reduce testing time for its Oracle EBS systems’ ongoing releases.  After implementing Panaya’s solution, Eaton realized a savings of 30% in testing time, helping them cut the overall project timeframe from 6 months to 3 months.

“Panaya’s solution consistently saves us 30% timewise,” said Donna Garcia, HR Technology Specialist, Eaton. “Its dashboard gives me a real-time snapshot of our testing. I know exactly where each project is and the progress of each and every tester.” 

The Panaya CloudQuality™ Suite couples optimized scoping with accelerated tests to mitigate risks and validate Oracle EBS changes across applications and business processes. It enables faster and better Oracle EBS testing from the cloud, while OATS is a premises-based solution.  Panaya’s Change Analytics module pinpoints change failures, delivers code fixes and optimizes test scope to mitigate risks and cut overhead. In parallel Panaya’s Test Center simplifies and accelerates test execution and test management to ensure functionality of Oracle EBS business processes.  

Panaya’s cloud-based testing solution provides quick onboarding, allowing customers to smoothly migrate to the new testing environment. Panaya’s Test Center was designed for both Oracle EBS testing experts as well as business users and is easy to use and adopt, utilizing unique capabilities such as seamless handover, test evidence, cross-application User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and effortless documentation.  The OATS solution is a pure IT solution and less approachable for end users. With PCQ, testers immediately see the value of reducing the mundane, repetitive activities and shifting their focus on ensuring quality through better test coverage. Test management, tracking and reporting of ERP changes is done in real-time, reducing over 75% of the project management overhead.

“Change Is constant and has raised the bar for Oracle EBS shops. ERP leaders need to reinvent and improve the way they deliver to keep up with the pace of business. The recent trend of OATS replacement and standardization on Panaya CloudQuality™ suite enables organizations with Oracle EBS at the heart of their business to introduce releases with confidence, reduce time to market of EBS releases and increase the frequency of change while ensuring the highest quality,” said Doron Gerstel, CEO, Panaya.

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