9 Enticing Perks of Using IBM SoftLayer

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9 Enticing Perks of Using IBM SoftLayer

Check out this quick run-down of IBM SoftLayer's many perks as a cloud provider. And, consider opting in for the first technical preview of ActOnCloud.

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IBM SoftLayer is one of the leading cloud providers available today. In fact, IBM SoftLayer is one of the leading providers of bare-metal servers and virtual servers.

Check out these facts about IBM SoftLayer that made me choose it over all the other leading cloud providers:

  1. SoftLayer is able to provision bare metal resources to customers. This allows customers free reign over the raw compute power of a specific server configuration. This saves the customer from 2–3 percent performance hit from the hypervisor, and it prevents "noisy neighbors" from being provisioned alongside a customer’s virtual server.
  2. SoftLayer has data centers interconnected on a global private network. Customers can select the specific SoftLayer data center location they want so they can provision servers in the exact location they desire.
  3. If you’re moving data from one SoftLayer facility to another SoftLayer facility (anywhere in the world), that transfer is free and unmetered. And, it doesn’t fight your public traffic for bandwidth.
  4. At SoftLayer, all products and services include free inbound and outbound bandwidth across a global private network and out-of-band management network.

However, you can even get more out of your IBM SoftLayer once you decide to evaluate ActOnCloud on top of your SoftLayer instances

9 Enticing Perks of Using IBM SoftLayer with ActOnCloud:

  1. Faster access to your cloud resources
  2. Automated Tagging for SoftLayer VMs
  3. Actionable Recommendations for SoftLayer VMs
  4. Visibility into your cloud spend and forecasts
  5. Scheduled Power On and Off to save cost
  6. ChargeBack reporting
  7. Quota Management
  8. Managing IBM SoftLayer and other cloud providers (Public or Private) resources from single pane of glass
  9. Quick sharing of Resources

The picture below depicts a 360 degree view of how ActOnCloud can help you in saving cost and manage your SoftLayer cloud efficiently.



ActOnCloud reports that every business can count on from ActOnMagic.

The first technical preview of ActOnCloud for IBM SoftLayer will be live today — Friday, April 1. I hope you’ll take some time to try it out and let us know your thoughts.

We’ll also be sharing much more information on IBM Softlayer over the next couple of days. And, be on the look out for lots more Cloud innovation coming soon.

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