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9 Tools and Resources for Writing Effective Blog Posts

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9 Tools and Resources for Writing Effective Blog Posts

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Content is a king, and every blog owner perfectly knows and tries to follow this statement. Design, usability, HTML knowledge, social media promotion and other aspects of successful blogging are very important of course, but no blog will live without good, informative posts that are interesting and useful for their audience. Here the question comes: how to write really effective blog posts to grab your readers' attention and make them follow your blog?

Many applications have been created to help bloggers and make the process of writing easier. Some of them help you check your spelling and grammar, other ones make your writing faster, and third ones help you structure your posts and choose a better vocabulary for them. Certainly, it's impossible to use all of them; but you can always check the best writing apps and online resources, and choose the one that fits you most.

1. Pages

A very interesting application for all bloggers and writers who use Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), which can be used for writing texts, sharing them with readers, exporting them as PDF files and Microsoft Word, publishing them, and editing them across all devices thanks to Pages combining with iCloud. It is a very powerful word processing app in general.

2. Write

This is a text editor for Android users. Write helps you export your text to your e-mail, upload it on your blog or website, export texts as HTML for editing them in Word and other applications, make drafts, and take notes. Thanks to its multi-functionality, Write serves as the best helper for many blog owners and freelance writers.

3. iA Writer

Focus on your writing process with the help of iA Writer – a free application for iPad and iPhone users. No backgrounds, no settings, no menu – just one font and a gray background make it possible to concentrate on writing and avoid all temptations to distract on something, like social media, e-mail checking, games, pictures, etc.

4. Clean Writer

No file name, no status bar, no open windows or tabs... Clean Writer works as well as iA Writer: it is designed for iPad users who want to focus on nothing but creating effective texts. It is minimalistic, compact and aesthetic; it protects your writing process from distractions; it has a clean background and a standard font for writing; and, yes... it is free to use.

5. Bid4papers.com/college-paper

A perfect online resource for novice bloggers and writers who need some advice and help on better writing. Bid4papers position themselves as academic writers, though they provide all necessary information on writing techniques, catchy blog posts, top-notch content to grab your audience's attention, and much more. Plus, you can check your text on plagiarism here, and ask a professional editor to check your writings for grammar, spelling, and style mistakes.

6. WriteRoom

This application will become your best friend, if you are a user of Mac. Writing is a creative process, and focus is definitely the key here. Use WriteRoom if you want nothing to distract you from your writing. WriteRoom is a full-screen tool, where you will find no menu options or toolbars, but just a black background and a clean page to concentrate on the process of your blog post writing and to focus on your efforts.

7. Urban Dictionary

In blogging, it is very important to speak the same language with your audience. But if you are not strong enough with all those slang and cultural words your readers use and love, you can always download Urban Dictionary: it provides descriptions, definitions and examples of all words from modern English lexicon. If you need all those NSFW, FYI, YOLO and others for your blog posts, Urban Dictionary is definitely for you.

8. DarkRoom

This application works the same with WriteRoom, but it is designed for Windows. With the help of DarkRoom you will forget about all the distractions like your e-mail, social networks, news websites, etc. and will be able to write the best and effective blog posts. This application will “turn off” the Internet for a while, leaving you eye to eye with your writing.

9. My Writing Spot

This is a distraction-free application for those writers who use iPads. It prevents you from all distractions like WriteRoom and DarkRoom, described above, but it also has one exclusive feature: this iPad app provides a free online account, so you can sync your texts and store them with password protection.

There is no successful blogging without writing. And even if you are good with it, and even if you do not need any advice from writing experts, you can always help yourself and make this process easier with the help of some applications for writing really effective posts that grab your audience's attention and touch their hearts. 


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