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A Beginner’s Guide to Usability Testing

The main idea behind a usability testing is to provide a pleasant user experience to all the visitors and accomplish their goals.

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A usability test is considered a powerful tool that helps in shaping the development and design of a user-friendly site. The design is usually dictated by features that look pretty and cool without focusing on a rich user experience. While you consider good looks as the main feature of your website, always remember that your visitors have some other goals when they visit your website. The main idea behind a usability testing is to provide a pleasant user experience to all the visitors and accomplish their goals. It is mainly an exercise in which members of the targeted user-base are invited in order to experience the product and provide genuine feedback about the efficiency and friendliness. In order to identify usability problems, improve users’ satisfaction, and collect qualitative feedback, usability testing comes into the picture. By involving real users and live people to use your product, all kinds of issues before launch can be identified.

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Given below are five easy steps that are used for conducting the usability tests:

Step 1: Deciding When to Test

Deciding when to test should be the first step of testing the usability of the website. This process is often considered to be an afterthought, especially with small businesses, as there is no dedicated user researcher. The best method to test the usability is by scheduling testing into the design process itself. As usability testing always has a positive impact, it is better if it’s conducted numerous times throughout the design process. Some methods that describe the exact time when to test are given below:

•    Before the design

•    Before the launch of the website

•    After every prototype stage

•    Continuously after the launch

Step 2: Focus on Use Cases

A special focus on use cases will become beneficial for the usability as use cases are task oriented. Usability testing determines where the users get stuck so that the aspects that generate a poor user experience can be eliminated at once.

Step 3: Recruit Subjects

Analyze your target users. If your target users are different from the representatives that you have chosen, then you would not be able to find out the correct flaws in your website. It becomes important to choose and convince people who are your target users to analyze the website and find flaws before the final release of the product.

Step 4: Set Up a Dedicated Lab

In order to make a flawless product, it becomes essential to have a high-end usability lab with an eye-tracking technology, audio recording equipment, multiple cameras used for capturing each angle, etc. However, depending upon the type of testing, a conference room with a dedicated computer could be enough. 

Step 5: Run the Test

After the availability of everything required such as use cases, a dedicated usability lab, equipment and the target users, the final thing required is to test. The final test would make you confident about your product.


By following the above-mentioned steps, you can rest assured that your product is ready for the final release and is without any defects. Mobile and web usability testing services can help you identify the necessary defects in your system, mobile app, or website, and also helps in making the product user-friendly.

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