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Technical Cheat Sheets for Developers

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Technical Cheat Sheets for Developers

Keep forgetting Linux commands? Trying to get started with Eclipse Vert.x? Not quite a MongoDB ninja? Worry not! Here's a bunch of cheat sheets to help you out.

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Over the past few months, we’ve been building and releasing a variety of technical cheat sheets and we’ve been getting many requests for more.  We are working on new cheat sheets every day, ok maybe not weekends, but almost every day. Here are the cheat sheets available today: Linux Commands Cheat SheetAdvanced Linux Commands Cheat SheetWildfly Swarm Cheat SheetContainers Cheat SheetMongoDB Cheat SheetKubernetes Cheat Sheet and the Eclipse Vert.x Cheat Sheet.

While you wait for more – next one should be released in the next few weeks – I thought a quick and easy listing and some high-level details of the existing cheat sheets would be helpful.  Here you go…

Linux Commands Cheat Sheet

  • Basic to more advanced shortcuts.
  • Screenshots to help you verify you are doing it correctly.
  • Tips from ssh to tar -xf somefile.tar.qz we’ve got you covered.

Advanced Linux Commands Cheat Sheet

  • Get started developing a web application on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.
  • Set up a SELinux boolean.
  • Run a program in the background in your shell.
  • Use Java instead of PHP.

Wildfly Swarm Cheat Sheet

  • Develop a Wildfly Swarm application.
  • Customize the runtime.
  • Configure a Wildfly Swarm application.
  • Fractions can be added to a Wildfly Swarm application.

Containers Cheat Sheet

  • Introduction to Container architecture.
  • Engine, image, registry, volume, related commands.
  • Example of running a web server container.

MongoDB Cheat Sheet

  • Starting the Mongo shell.
  • Navigating around Mongo.
  • Working with a collection.
  • Changing groups of documents.
  • Working with individual documents and indexes.
  • Dangers to avoid.

Kubernetes Cheat Sheet

  • Install Minikube.
  • Run locally on Minikube.
  • Install Kubectl.
  • Use the Kubectl CLI.

Eclipse Vert.x Cheat Sheet

  • Programming with Vert.x.
  • Reactive Systems.
  • Creating apps with Apache Maven, Gradle, and Vert.x CLI.
  • Verticles.
  • EventBus.
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