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A Certification Creates Visibility of Your Eclipse Proficiency

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A Certification Creates Visibility of Your Eclipse Proficiency

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Previously‚ monolithic IT spheres have broken up into countless special domains and each area comes along with a range of specific tools and methods. This evolution leads to an abundance of different technologies, pretty likely to complicate things instead of making our lives easier. Decision makers charged with staffing project teams find it difficult to assess the qualifications of software developers and start checking off highly specialized knowledge. At the same time, software companies and free lance developers are looking for ways to visibly demonstrate their skills in the required technologies.

So, how do we cater for these needs? Certified expertise is a convincing answer to this problem. Holding a certification, developers are able to prove their knowledge and meet the decision makers‘ demand for valid credentials whenever it comes to new kinds of tools and technologies.

With the incentive to improve the transparency of the skills of Eclipse developers, Eclipse Training Alliance therefore launched the 'Certified Eclipse RCP Developer', an internationally recognized proof of Eclipse RCP proficiency.

The Eclipse competence of a 'Certified Eclipse RCP Developer' covers the Eclipse Training Alliance knowledge pool: test takers capitalize on a relevant certification, designed by the training organization’s experts and always enhanced by current trends and developments. „The certification series makes skills visible“, says Dr. Jörn Weigle, managing partner of WeigleWilczek and co-founder of Eclipse Training Alliance, „it provides developers with a valid proof of competence that makes it easier for them to attract clients for application development with Eclipse RCP“.

The certification is carried out in two steps. A free admission test allows candidates to prepare for the subsequent programming assignment, which is then reviewed by two of the alliance’s experts. Eclipse developers interested in taking the test can review their RCP skills in a sample quiz on www.eclipse-training.net.

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