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A Few Quick Links: Scale, Serverless, and the Moral Economy

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A Few Quick Links: Scale, Serverless, and the Moral Economy

Here are some of the top links of the week by CircleCI.

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The Moral Economy of Tech
“I am very suspicious of attempts to change the world that can’t first work on a local scale.”

An API-first approach for cloud-native app development
Kevin Hoffman presents a case for “API first” development within the context of his extensions to Heroku’s 12-factor application development style.

Mastering Emacs
Emacs, an editor that is definitely better than Vim, is probably the best development environment for our favorite language, Clojure - this book will help you understand why you should abandon all other tools and worship at the church of Emacs!

“This means that the era of the in-house dedicated ops team, which serves as an absorbent buffer for all the pain of software development, is mostly on its way out the door. (And good riddance.)”

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