Git 2.9 has been released
Exciting news in Git-land! We’re obviously big fans here at CircleCI and it’s exciting to see a steady flow of new features and improvements.

The Advantages of Being a Blind Programmer with Parham Doustdar
Disability is an often-overlooked part of inclusion in our industry—sighted people have a difficult time imagining what it must be like to be a blind programmer, and this podcast provides a fascinating window into that world.

Why 2016 is shaping up to be the Year of the Bot
Bots? Bots! Bots… we’re entering a brave new world where the person on the other end of that text message might not be a person…

Better discoverability for GitHub Pages sites
We’re big fans of Jekyll - we use it to build a huge amount of our site - and the new SEO Tag plugin makes building a discoverable site much easier.

AirBNB OpenAir Recap
We loved OpenAir 2016 - great recap from the Airbnb team.

The Children’s Illustrated Guide to Kubernetes
Don’t miss this immensely entertaining and accessible overview of Kubernetes - perfect Friday afternoon reading.