A Few Quick Links: Git 2.9, Year of the Bot, and More

Check out this link list of newsworthy posts from happenings throughout the past week. Curated by the CircleCI team, the list is sure not to disappoint.

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Welcome to our new weekly curated list of interesting stories. Covering anything and everything in the industry, we’ll be collecting and sharing a handful of links every Friday. Enjoy!

Git 2.9 has been released
Exciting news in Git-land! We’re obviously big fans here at CircleCI and it’s exciting to see a steady flow of new features and improvements.

The Advantages of Being a Blind Programmer with Parham Doustdar
Disability is an often-overlooked part of inclusion in our industry—sighted people have a difficult time imagining what it must be like to be a blind programmer, and this podcast provides a fascinating window into that world.

Why 2016 is shaping up to be the Year of the Bot
Bots? Bots! Bots… we’re entering a brave new world where the person on the other end of that text message might not be a person…

Better discoverability for GitHub Pages sites
We’re big fans of Jekyll - we use it to build a huge amount of our site - and the new SEO Tag plugin makes building a discoverable site much easier.

AirBNB OpenAir Recap
We loved OpenAir 2016 - great recap from the Airbnb team.

The Children’s Illustrated Guide to Kubernetes
Don’t miss this immensely entertaining and accessible overview of Kubernetes - perfect Friday afternoon reading.

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