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A Mini (Touchscreen) Weather Station With an ESP8266

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A Mini (Touchscreen) Weather Station With an ESP8266

A follow-up to a previous project, this time, create a mini weather station with a touchscreen LCD display that connects to the internet via Wi-Fi.

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After the Wi-Fi OLED Mini Weather Station, here is another one: This time with Touch LCD:

LCD Weatherstation with ESP8266

LCD weather station with ESP8266

In the previous article, I used the OLED kit from https://blog.squix.org. And as promised, this time, it is about the ESP8266 Wi-Fi Color Display Kit:

Squix ESP8266 Weather Station Kits

Squix ESP8266 weather station kits

I had ordered both because I thought that the color display kit needed the other kit as a base. Well, it turned out that both kits work independently. My bad. Actually, this is good, as I have now two independent ESP8266 weather stations. As an addition to that, they can exchange data (e.g. temperature/humidity) with a server, so that makes them a perfect dual weather station.

As with the OLED kit, everything comes in a nice box, professionally packed in ESD bags:

ESP8266 WiFi Color Display Kit Content

ESP8266 Wi-Fi color display kit content

  • ESP8266 Wemos D1 Mini pro 160 MHz with 16 MByte FLASH
  • 2.4″ Color TFT Display (ILI9341) with touch
  • Connector PCB
  • Micro USB cable
  • Stacking headers

This time, assembling the kit needs basic soldering skills. With the excellent tutorial by Daniel Eichhorn, this should be a piece of cake. The only consideration is what kind of headers to use. I opted for the ‘larger but flexible’ approach. That way I can separate the boards if needed.

Stacked Boards

Stacked boards

Again, I quickly designed a custom enclosure in Inkscape using 4mm plywood:

ESP8266 Weather Station Enclusure in Inkscape

ESP8266 weather station enclosure in Inkscape

Custom Enclosure for the ESP8266 WiFi station

Custom enclosure for the ESP8266 Wi-Fi station

It has enough space so I can add sensors, a LiPo battery, plus a wireless charging option:

Boards inside Enclosure

Boards inside the enclosure

Enclosure Design

Enclosure design

Enclosure Side View

Enclosure side view

Example code is available on GitHub. The code is very well-documented. I had no issues making all the needed configurations (Wi-Fi SSID and connection settings). After a few hours, I had the ESP8266 weather station up and running in the first prototype of the enclosure:

Updating forecasts...

Updating forecasts…

ESP8266 Weather Station

ESP8266 weather station

The example code pretty much works the same way as for the smaller OLED station, but it uses the touch display to show the data.

Touching the LCD cycles through more screens:

ESP8266 Weather Station Current Conditions

ESP8266 weather station current conditions



status display

Status display

I have been experimenting painting the laser cut plywood with acrylic colors. So here is one variant using a brown color:

Brown Enclosure

Brown enclosure

Painted Enclosure

Painted enclosure

After a few hours, I have now my second ESP8266 Wi-Fi weather station with Touch LCD. It is looking good and I very much enjoy it. The design is available on Thingiverse.

Thanks go to Daniel Eichhorn for making that kit available and documenting it so well!

Happy Squixing!


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