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A New Java Library: ParallelGit

DZone user Junyi Bei showcases a new open source library called ParallelGit, to help manipulate your local Git repository.

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Hi all. Just published an open source library to the Maven Central Repository. As the author of this project, I am here to shout out the exciting news :)

ParallelGit is a library to help you manipulate your local Git repository. It allows you to access your repository as it were a native file system (via Java 7 nio FileSystem interface).

public void copyFileToRepository() {
  Repository myRepo = RepositoryUtils.openRepository(new File("/home/repository"));
  try(GitFileSystem master = GitFileSystemBuilder.forRevision("master", myRepo))) {
    Path fileInRepo = master.getPath("/myFile.txt");
    Files.copy(Paths.get("/home/myFile.txt"), fileInRepo);
    Requests.commit(master).message("copied myFile.txt").execute();

For more information and examples, please visit Github/ParallelGit and its official site.

Thank you for your attention!

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