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A Quick Guide For Estimating Your App Development Costs

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A Quick Guide For Estimating Your App Development Costs

Not all the available resources are worth investing your money into. Here is a quick guide to get you started.

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Every single business today is venturing into the app development market. While some do have the knack and resources of building a high-quality app, others easily fall for inexpensive resources available online. But not all the available resources are worth investing your money into.

With the mobile app industry soaring high, businesses must consider factors beyond cost to ensure their mobile app can easily stand out in the competition. Determine why does your business need a mobile app? Is it for increasing the brand recognition, expanding your sales channel, engaging the customers, or adding value to your business and consumers?

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Once you have figured out the right answer for having your own mobile app, identify all the factors that influence your app development cost decision. We have listed a few factors that usually affect the cost of app development and you may find them worth giving a look.

4 Factors Affecting The Mobile App Development Cost:

  1. Platform: The most crucial question business entrepreneurs and app developers face is – which platforms and devices you want your app to be developed for? Enterprises who want to build an app for a highly engaged user base, often choose to first develop for iOS. Several others hire dedicated Xamarin specialists to build a cross-platform app that can work across all platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry. But the cost of developing for different platforms varies. It usually costs more for developing for iOS and Android individually compared to developing a cross-platform app.

  2. Functionality: The technical specifications involved in building the app also affects the cost. There are four different types of mobile apps, which are as follows:
    a)Table/List based Apps: The table/list based application allows you to display simple information. It presents the information to users who select from the available options and are redirected to the additional material on the topic.
    b)Database based Apps: Such apps present larger data sets and are relatively complex to build. The database apps usually connect to a website or other online service to retrieve information.
    c)Dynamic Apps: Though these type of apps are similar to the database type apps, they do not connect to any online service for information. Instead, the information is extracted from the external sources. For example, a Twitter client using API to import tweets and other information.
    d)Game Apps: This app type is the hardest of all to develop. Game apps can range from the simplest to complex depending on the 3D physics engine and it's cost is substantially higher than other types.

  3. Business Model: A business model will help you identify how you will monetize through your app. Whether you want to offer your app for free to download and use, include in-app purchases at a later stage, or sell it at a fixed price. The in-app purchases route usually takes longer to implement and thus monetizing  your app can cost you more.

  4. Design: A breath-taking design can make your customers engage more with your app. Having an attractive UI for your app is essential. You can add a splash screen, creative interface elements like buttons, tabs, and other interactive features to boost your user engagement. But high-quality design often comes at a steep price and you must be prepared to pay enough to make your app look good.

Finding out the Cost:

Considering the above-mentioned factors to determine a unified price is difficult. A survey done by Clutch states that “the median cost of developing a mobile app ranges between $37,913 and $171,450, but it can climb up to $500,000 or higher.” However, there are a few cost calculators like Otreva Calculator and Imason Calculator, you can use to find out the cost of developing your own mobile app.

How much does your enterprise spend to develop and deploy a mobile app? Leave your answers in the comments.

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