A Technologist's Perspective: Blockchain Beyond the Hype

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A Technologist's Perspective: Blockchain Beyond the Hype

In this article, we present a video in which a developer discusses the state of blockchain development with senior developer, Jilles van Gulp.

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There’s a lot of speculative investment around blockchain space but not a lot of real use. This will change when reality kicks in and new players get involved.

As a developer in this space, you don't sell hype. You sell your craftmanship. I had the privilege to get to interview @jillesvangurp, a senior backend developer with hands-on experience in building blockchains. Interesting stuff on the future of money and finance. And how to navigate in such a hyped and speculative industry as a developer.

"I don't sell hype. I sell my skills as a craftsman, answering mundane questions like: What are we building? How will this work? How do we stay safe"

The video is part of a series of interviews with members of the Coder Society, a community of freelancing expert developers across Europe.

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