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2017: Cheers to a Year of Integration

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2017: Cheers to a Year of Integration

We're here to help get you through the winter holidays with this collection of popular microservices and API tutorials and news on the topics you loved this year!

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As the end of the year approaches, we're glad to see you're still hungrily devouring the tutorials and news in our integration zone. We've seen what has you interested this year- microservices, Mule, building APIs, and more- so now we're here to give you more of what you love to keep you learning over the winter holidays. Here's to you, DZone reader, and another year of learning integration skills!

5 Trending Integration Articles on DZone

  1. We Need to Talk, Says One Microservice to Another, by Nikhil Wanpal. Just like humans, it's important for microservices to communicate. This article provides a great overview of the methods they use, and how we solve the problems that come with it.

  2. Data Transformation: CSV to XML With Apache Camel, by Jitendra Bafna. Learn how to convert a CSV message into XML using Camel Apache Processor, or from any format into another, with code examples.

  3. Build a RESTful API in Go and MongoDB, by Mohamed Labouardy. Learn the steps for building your own RESTful API using Go and MongoDB, and a demonstration of how to navigate and use it.

  4. Building Microservices With Netflix OSS, Apache Kafka, and Spring Boot (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), by Iskren Ivanov. This tutorial series will show you how to build a registration system that will send a confirmation mail to new users, using Netflix OSS, Apache Kafka, and Spring Boot.

  5. Microservices Solution Patterns, by Chanaka Fernando. This article discusses the possible solution patterns which can be used in a microservices architecture-driven enterprise.

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Integration News From Around the Web

  1. The Blog Post on Monitoring an Apache Kafka Deployment to End Most Blog Posts, Yeva Byzek, December 14, 2017. For businesses, it's essential to make sure Kafka is delivering data in real time- that's where this post on monitoring comes in.

  2. Video: Kin Lane and What's Exciting in the API Space, Capital One DevExchange, December 19, 2017. Kin Lane has been known as the API Evangelist for years. See what has him intrigued in the world of APIs.

  3. HTTP/2 and gRPC—The Next Generation of Microservices Interactions, Netsil, December 12, 2017. Learn about advancements in HTTP2 and how they're are improving the communication fabric, and an overview of their interaction with gRPC.

Dive Deeper Into Integration

  1. DZone's Guide to Microservices: Breaking Down the Monolith: a free ebook download.

  2. Microservices in Java: DZone's latest Refcard on microservices patterns to support building failure-tolerant systems.

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