Aaahhh!!!: 5 Scary Mobile App Disasters

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Aaahhh!!!: 5 Scary Mobile App Disasters

Just in time for Halloween, here are five mobile app disasters to chill you to the bones.

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Halloween is right around the corner. Whether you plan on staying in and watching horror classics on Netflix or mapping out the houses with king-size candy bars, there's an app for that! In fact, mobile apps are a lot like Michael Myers nowadays: They're really hard to escape from. But that isn't the only thing that mobile apps have in common with Halloween. halloweenphone3If you thought developing and releasing an app is scary, then close your eyes or peek through your fingers, because these five mobile app disasters are downright terrifying! 

1. Vampirism on iOS
This Halloween, Facebook will be plastered with photos of creepy costumes, minions and left sharks, but only if iPhone users have enough battery left to use their devices. 

According to The Verge, Facebook confirmed that its mobile app is responsible for sucking the life right out of iOS 9-enabled devices. A few mobile app glitches cause batteries to drain faster than usual, and thanks to iOS 9's new capabilities, users knew Facebook was to blame. The good news is that the company acknowledged the problems: A "CPU spin" in network code forced the app to repeatedly request processes, while apps closed with a video or audio playing continued to stream data. 

The scary news is that Facebook users probably put away the mobile app until the battery-draining problem was put to rest. Even more frightening, the number of glitches and bugs signifies that Facebook is too eager to launch updated versions, and neglected some critical aspects of mobile app testing

2. The Tower of Terror of mobile apps
On iOS devices, users have many choices when it comes to Web browsing. Apple's smartphones and tablets ship with Safari installed. While it's not the most used browser, a recent mobile app scare won't help Safari's cause.

"Once users put away one app in favor of another, it might be too late."

WCCF Tech reported that Safari brings users up only to crash and bring them down after the iOS 9.1 update: When links are tapped, Safari closes. While the source provided a fix, Apple wasn't careful enough and launched iOS updates without testing how their first-party apps will react. Mobile app testing can solve the problem, but once users put away Safari in favor of other Web browsers, it might be too late. 

3. Rear window into politics

Mobile devices and streaming are a match made in heaven, but a recent problem made watching the CNN debate seem like the seventh ring of Hell. 

In mid-October, CNN encouraged Democrats to live stream the recent Democratic debate on its mobile app, CNNGo, for free. IBTimes reported that this was easier said than done, as the app crashed "every five minutes." There is some hope for redemption, however, since Andrew Morse of CNN explained that this was merely a preview of CNNGo's live streaming capabilities, and the company plans to perform mobile app monitoring and analyze user behavior in an attempt to deliver continuous quality

4. Stuck at Camp Crystal Lake

How many times have you yelled, "Just run away!" during a "Friday the 13th" movie? Well, maybe camp counselors can't escape Jason because their travel mobile apps are busted. 

In the past few months, the travel industry and mobile apps have gone together like blood and water. Yahoo! reported on the sudden appearance of glitches on airline mobile apps and other ticketing systems, citing the Southwest incident, a Department of Homeland Security computer disaster and American Airlines' merger with USAirways. Meanwhile, NJ.com covered the story of NJ Transit's mobile app and the bugs that plagued users in early September. In many of these cases, travelers couldn't access tickets or get where they needed to go. As a result, money and the respect of customers was lost. 

"Developers are literally losing revenue due to bugs and glitches."

5. Free Freddy!

What's Halloween without Freddy Krueger to haunt the nightmares of mobile app developers? Well, the famous character appears in Mortal Kombat X, and it seems like he's haunting the company that created the newest version of this classic video game. 

Just Push Start reported that a glitch in Mortal Kombat X allows gamers to circumvent paywalls, earning themselves thousands of free coins, while Design&Trend highlighted a bug that makes it easy to access mobile app-exclusive content without completing the necessary tasks. This mobile app disaster is particularly frightening since the developers are literally losing revenue due to bugs and glitches. 

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