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Accelerating DevOps with the Cloud Using Microsoft Azure

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Accelerating DevOps with the Cloud Using Microsoft Azure

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DevOps with the Cloud

Have you heard about DevOps?

Enterprise IT organizations are increasingly driven by business demands for faster, better solutions delivered more quickly than ever before.  Over the past few years, DevOps has emerged as a trend to help organizations evolve to better collaborate between development and operations teams for addressing these solution delivery challenges.  While a DevOps transformation can take time to fully realize within an organization’s people and processes, there’s opportunities to accelerate the path towards DevOps by smartly leveraging cloud capabilities that can reduce infrastructure complexity, simplify release management, and support end-to-end application visibility through all stages of a solution’s lifecycle.

Step-by-Step: Follow us to DevOps with the Cloud

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be publishing a series of articles aimed at showcasing examples of leveraging relevant cloud technologies, such as Microsoft Azure and Visual Studio Online, that encourage a DevOps mission within an organization.  Along the way in this series, we’ll provide real-world step-by-step guidance for using these capabilities so that you can easily follow along with us in your own cloud-based lab.

Wait! Did you say Visual Studio? I’m not a developer!

Visual Studio Online is not just for developers – it provides value to the entire solution delivery team, including both IT Pros and Developers.  Together with Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio Online promotes a consistent, cloud-enabled approach to delivering reliable enterprise solutions throughout all development and operations phases.

Build your Cloud-based Lab

To prepare your cloud lab environment for following along with us, you’ll need to activate a couple subscriptions … luckily, you can get started with everything for FREE!

Are you ready? Let’s go …

Be sure to bookmark this page and check back daily … as each article is published, we’ll be sure to link it back to this index so that you don’t miss out on any articles.

  1. Series Introduction (this article)
  2. WATCH: What is "DevOps" and Why Is It Important to IT Pros?
  3. What is “DevOps” all about?
  4. Is DevOps a new role in IT?
  5. What's the value of DevOps to Enterprise IT?
  6. Building your Dream DevOps Dashboard with the new Azure Preview Portal
  7. Source Control in the Cloud
  8. Step-by-Step Enabling Self-Service, On-Demand Provisioning of Dev/Test Environments
  9. Managing On-Demand Hybrid Clouds with System Center 2012 R2 App Controller
  10. Getting Started with On-Demand Private Clouds using Windows Azure Pack
  11. DevOps, Automation and Cloud Computing
  12. Step-by-Step: Orchestrating the Cloud with Azure Automation
  13. Step-by-Step: Enabling Configuration Management in the Cloud with PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC)
  14. Introducing Agile Application Delivery with Azure RemoteApp
  15. Step-by-Step: Hands-free Configuration of Microsoft Azure VM's using Chef
  16. Monitoring, Measuring and Learning for Continuous Improvement
  17. Create and publish new Cloud applications to Test environments
  18. QA Testing with Actionable Feedback
  19. Using a Test Plan for Testing Cloud Applications
  20. Release Management in the Cloud
  21. Enable Continuous Deployment in the Cloud
  22. Rollback plan? What Rollback plan?
  23. Scaling Cloud Applications – Up or Out?
  24. Auto-scaling Cloud Applications
  25. Enabling shared Application Visibility for Dev and Ops
  26. Are we done yet? NEVER!
If there’s additional topics you’d like to see, feel free to suggest them in the comments area below.  Like any agile project, we will consider your requests and may assign some sprints to get them added to our scope.

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