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Accessing IoT Data with Couchbase Server, Couchbase Mobile, and Kaa

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Accessing IoT Data with Couchbase Server, Couchbase Mobile, and Kaa

Andrew Kokhanovskyi, the CTO of CyberVision, spoke about accessing IoT Data with Couchbase Server, Couhbase Mobile, and Kaa. Watch his keynote and Q&A session.

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Andrew Kokhanovskyi, the CTO of CyberVision, gave a speaking session at Couchbase Connect 2015 on the subject of “Accessing IoT Data with Couchbase Server, Couchbase Mobile and Kaa”. In case you have missed it, here is the video  coverage of his presentation and Q&A.

About Kaa Project:

Kaa is an open source platform for building and facilitating applications in the realm of Internet of Things. Kaa allows companies to expedite a products’ timetomarket, increase performance, and attract customers/subscribers. Kaa introduces standardized methods for enabling integration and interoperation across the connected products. The Kaa IoT platform is licensed under Apache 2.0, and is 100% open source without royalties. Kaa is designed to be robust, flexible, and easy to use and deploy.


About CyberVision:

With over twenty years of experience, CyberVision is a trusted global provider of software engineering services in hightech domains, among which IoT, Big Data, Consumer Electronics, Cloud, Mobility, and Web. With our expanding pool of topgrade engineers, mathematicians, and scientists, we successfully deliver projects of any scale and complexity.

CyberVision is also the company behind Kaa – an opensource cloud platform that enables rapid implementation of advanced IoT products and solutions. Capitalizing on rich capabilities of Kaa platform and solutions from our partners, we provide engineering, integration, and support services that maximize our clients’ value proposition on the IoT market.


Cisco is a software company. Surprised? Don’t be. Join DevNet to explore APIs, tools, and techniques that developers are using to add collaboration, IoT, security, network priority, and more!

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