Accessing Microsoft Office in the locked Windows Phone Emulator

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Accessing Microsoft Office in the locked Windows Phone Emulator

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As I was looking through the list of blacklisted applications in the Windows Phone emulator, I noticed that Word, Excel and PowerPoint were blocked. But there was no reference to the composite office hub. That being said, I kept experimenting with different GUIDs and finally stumbled across the one that gives access to Microsoft Office Mobile.

That GUID is: 5B04B775-356B-4AA0-AAF8-6491FFEA561E

You might ask - how exactly can you launch the app if you have this GUID? Simple. I already talked about accessing blacklisted applications in the emulator, so all you need is a reference to Microsoft.Smartdevice.Connectivity.dll and this little snippet:

DatastoreManager manager = new DatastoreManager(CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.LCID);
IEnumerable<Platform> platforms = manager.GetPlatforms();
IEnumerable<Device> devices = platforms.First().GetDevices();

Device d = devices.Last();

d.GetApplication(new Guid("5B04B775-356B-4AA0-AAF8-6491FFEA561E")).Launch(); 

You can experiment with various documents, but you still cannot log in to SkyDrive because of the absent LiveID connection layer.


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