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Accessing Pictures from Media Library in Windows Phone

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Accessing Pictures from Media Library in Windows Phone

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You may come across a requirement to access the entire picture saved in Media Library of Windows Phone. Media Library can be access using MediaLibrary class.

To work with MediaLibrary class you need to add reference of Microsoft.Xna.Framework. This class is defined in namespace Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Media namespace.

To work with MediaLibrary, you need to make instance of MediaLibrary class as below,


Pictures property of MediaLibrary class returns all the images as Picture. You can iterate to all images as below,


Image can be fetch as stream inside foreach look as below,


You can create Image from returend stream as below.


Eventually you can set imageToShow as source of Image control. For your reference below code will add all the pictures from Media Library in a listbox called lstImageFromMediaLibrary

MediaLibrary m = new MediaLibrary();

foreach (var r in m.Pictures)
Stream imageStream = r.GetImage();

var imageToShow = new Image()
Source = PictureDecoder.DecodeJpeg(r.GetImage())


You can access Media Library on emulator only in debugmode. In this way you can access all the images from Media library. I hope this post is useful. Thanks for reading.

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