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Active Endpoints Has Announced ActiveVOS 7.0

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Active Endpoints Has Announced ActiveVOS 7.0

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Active Endpoints today announced ActiveVOS 7.0, a new release of its business process management suite (BPMS). ActiveVOS 7.0 delivers a system for modeling, testing, deploying, running and managing business process applications that include both system and human tasks. Among its new capabilities, ActiveVOS 7.0 offers a new design canvas that uses the Business Process Modeling Notation 2.0 (BPMN) specification to create executable Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) processes. ActiveVOS 7.0 also features a new AJAX-capable, services-based forms designer that breaks new ground by moving the presentation tier from a server to the client, giving process designers flexible access to services directly from forms. In addition, ActiveVOS 7.0 offers ActiveVOS Central, a new, customizable application that consolidates user interaction with the BPMS into one user interface.

“ActiveVOS 7.0 pioneers a new approach to BPM.  Enterprises are looking to a new generation of process applications to increase agility and improve efficiency. As attractive as building business process applications is, it has been hard for many organizations to do so because the tools have, until now, been too cumbersome, proprietary and expensive. ActiveVOS 7.0 overcomes these challenges by being innovative, lean, open and affordable.” - Mark Taber, CEO, Active Endpoints

The ActiveVOS system delivers everything an extended development team needs to design, model, simulate, test, deploy and manage process applications. The whole development team – including business analysts, architects, developers, operations staff and end users – benefits from ActiveVOS’s focus on ease of use and support for collaboration among the team.

“Gone are the days in which productivity gains could be realized with a new, faster chip or a better, faster database.  Instead, a ‘new’ Moore’s Law has begun to take hold. This new law declares that productivity today is gained from improving business processes and the way human tasks and machine tasks are combined to rapidly improve results. ActiveVOS 7.0 offers IT and business users the opportunity to quickly realize the results of BPM and benefit from the new laws of productivity.” - Dana Gardner, principal analyst, Interarbor Solutions

New ActiveVOS 7.0 BPMS Features:

  • Optimized BPMN 2.0 Canvas. ActiveVOS 7.0 now offers the latest BPMN 2.0 notation for modeling and implementing business processes, making it easy for architects, business analysts and developers to work collaboratively with business end users. A process called “structured activities” accelerates process modeling by supplying often-used constructs that can be dragged and dropped onto the canvas.
  • Models are executed directly as BPEL 2.0 (Business Process Execution Language) processes, including support for human activities via the WS-HumanTask standard. There are no round-trip errors or translations between BPMN and BPEL and full fidelity of the BPMN visualization of the process is retained even into execution of the process.
  • Integrated Drag-and-drop AJAX Forms Design. New in ActiveVOS 7.0 is a drag-and-drop forms designer for the creation of AJAX-based forms. Developers can easily create a variety of forms that take advantage of this capability, including Process Request, Task and Status Lookup forms.
  • ActiveVOS Central. The new ActiveVOS Central application consolidates in one place the ability to initiate processes via a request, perform lookups for status of a request, and carry out tasks.
  • Support for Continuous Integration. ActiveVOS 7.0 supports this widely-used software engineering practice that is used to speed up delivery of new applications.
  • Permalinks for ActiveVOS forms. ActiveVOS Process Request and Lookup forms can be invoked from Web pages, portals or from email via permanent URLs. Doing so makes it possible to kick off processes and track activity and status using ActiveVOS forms capabilities from anywhere and in any application.

“ActiveVOS enabled us to orchestrate our Travice API web services in combination with complex travel industry processes.  ActiveVOS is easy to use and powerful. These are big advantages when time to market is important. When customer processes change – something that happens often in the very competitive travel industry – we are able to respond almost instantly. Sometimes we are even able to update and deploy changes while they are on the phone. We have run several million process instances in the last two years without any problem on our ActiveVOS installations. With ActiveVOS 7.0, we believe we will be able to respond even more rapidly to customer requirements.” - Dennis Christiani, CEO, SoftConEx

ActiveVOS 7.0 will be available for download on September 28, 2009 at www.activevos.com/trial. Users can download a free, 30-day, fully-supported trial of ActiveVOS 7.0. ActiveVOS is available as a perpetual license. An ActiveVOS license is $18,000 per CPU socket for a first-time purchase of ActiveVOS. Subsequent ActiveVOS licenses are $32,000 per CPU socket. A "CPU socket" is a physical processor on a system. It does not count the number of CPUs in that socket.


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