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ActiveMQ and ServiceMix Achieve New Heights

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ActiveMQ and ServiceMix Achieve New Heights

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Looks like after around a month of public beta, Fuse ESB Enterprise and Fuse MQ 7.0 have both been made generally available today according to a new announcement out of the CamelOne Conference.

Here are some relevant features out of the news release along with some resources that should be helpful to anyone interested in using Apache tools for integration:

Fuse ESB Enterprise 7.0 and Fuse MQ Enterprise 7.0 platforms enable Integration Everywhere with modular, enterprise-class open source products based on Apache Software Foundation projects. IT and development operations (DevOps) professionals benefit from a full range of enterprise-class features and benefits, including:


·       Easy Installations: Both products can be installed in minutes without the Internet or the use of complex code-based installers often associated with open source.

·       Enterprise-Class Testing and Related Documentation: FuseSource’s documentation is consistent with what enterprises expect from commercial integration and messaging vendors.

·       Third-Party Verification: Fuse ESB Enterprise and Fuse MQ Enterprise are audited by Veracode and Black Duck, providing FuseSource’s customers with regular security patches and confirmation of license compliance.

·       Incremental Patches: FuseSource augments its managed releases with stable, tested enhancements and fixes that ensure the bulletproof reliability FuseSource is known for.

·       Extensive Training: FuseSource offers many training options both on the technologies and their application in specific vertical markets and use cases. 


Both products, available for free, are backed by subscriptions that encompass support, tooling, managed releases and service level agreements.  New additions to these subscriptions now make it even easier for IT leaders to effectively manage their IT infrastructure and achieve Integration Everywhere. Some of these include:


·       Centralized Management: FuseSource augments its Fuse IDE developer tooling and Fuse HQ monitoring system with the Fuse Management Console, a centralized tool that allows DevOps professionals to visualize and configure the components of their integration infrastructure seamlessly, whether it’s on premise, in the cloud or in hybrid configurations.

·       Fuse Application Bundles: A packaging technology, Fuse Application Bundles automatically resolves and hot-deploys all dependencies required for running bundled functionality to simplify provisioning.

·       Enterprise-Level Documentation: FuseSource provides everything enterprises need for the administration, management and provisioning of their integration framework – as well as documentation and “cook books” that make it easy to quickly add new connections. 

For more information on FuseSource and the ability it gives the modern enterprise to achieve Integration Everywhere visit: http://fusesource.com/solutions/integration-everywhere/.

Interesting Fact:
that same news release also mentioned that the Large Hadron Collider and it's injectors at CERN are using ActiveMQ for their messaging.  Pretty cool! 

Here are some more awesome resources related to open source integration technologies from the FuseSource domain:


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