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An Adapter to use Hamcrest Matchers as AssertJ Conditions

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An Adapter to use Hamcrest Matchers as AssertJ Conditions

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Following on from yesterday’s post on AssertJ, here’s a tiny github repo that I put together with some utilities for AssertJ.

The first is the script mentioned yesterday, tidied up a little and renamed.

The second is a little adapter class that allows you to use Hamcrest Matchers as AssertJ Conditions.  So, if you have some really complex Hamcrest matcher stuff, you can migrate it easily:

final String actual = "how now brown cow";
    assertThat(actual).is(matchedBy(Matchers.containsString("now brown")));

The adapter is provided by that “matchedBy” factory method.  But the github repo has a full README for details.

Tutorial: WordPress as distributed microservices on Kubernetes.


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