Add Reporting to an Existing Team Project

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Add Reporting to an Existing Team Project

Author Ricci Gian Maria shows us how to create a Team Project with TFS 2015 while also generating a Sharepoint portal and Reporting Services.

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In a previous post, I demonstrated how you can create a Team Project from the Web Interface thanks to TFS 2015 Update 2. The only drawback of this approach is that no Sharepoint Site and no Reporting Services portal are created.

While SharePoint integration is now an uncommon requirement, reporting services are still used. After my new Team Project (namedTest Project 2 ) was created from the Web Interface, I verified that nothing gets created in my Reporting Services instance.


Figure 1: No reporting was created for new Team Project

Thanks to TFS Power Tools you are able to create both SharePoint portal and Reporting services for an existing project.

You can add reporting with the tfpt.exe power tools command line utility. As an example, here is the help for the addprojectreports command, used to create reports for an already created Team Project.

This image shows the list of options available to the addprojectreports command.

Figure 2: Help of the addprojectreports command

This is the exact command line I need to recreate reports for my Team Project:

tfpt addprojectreports 
/teamproject:"Test Project 2"

After a little while tfpf.exe created everything, which I can verify from Reporting Services Site. Now, I have the usual folder for the Team Project that contains all Reports.

After tfpf addprojectreports command all reports for the team project are correctly created in Reporting Services Site

Figure 3: Reports were created for the Team Project

The same can be done with SharePoint portal. Thanks to Power Tools you can create the Team Project directly from the Web Site and add portal or reports subsequently and only if you need them.

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Published at DZone with permission of Ricci Gian Maria . See the original article here.

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