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Added Micro SD Card Socket to FRDM-K22F

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Added Micro SD Card Socket to FRDM-K22F

Get around the missing SD socket issue on this Freescale board

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Probably for cost reasons, the Freescale FRDM-K22F does not come with the micro SD card socket populated on the the board:

freescale-frdm-k22f-board with no SD card socket

Freescale FRDM-K22F Board with no SD card socket

With a little soldering skills it is possible to populate the socket so the board can be used with a file system on it :-):

Using SD card with FRDM-K22F Board

Using SD card with FRDM-K22F Board

Molex SD Card Socket

The first thing is to get the SD card socket. It is the same one we use for the tinyK20 board (see “tinyK20: New Board with micro-SD Card“). The SD card socket is the SD-105027-001 from Molex: http://www.molex.com/pdm_docs/sd/1050270001_sd.pdf

Molex SD-105027-001 Socket (Source: Molex Data Sheet)

Molex SD-105027-001 Socket (Source: Molex Data Sheet)

It costs around $1 (depends on quantity), e.g. from Mouser Electronics here.

Adding the SD Card Socket to the Board

As the SD card socket pads already have some solder on it, it is possible to place the socket on it and then heat the solder with a soldering iron. What works best is to add little solder paste, then put the socket on it (it gets ‘glued’ by the paste) and then head the pads.

The most difficult pads are the four ground corner pads as underneath the socket. But there is some space to place a thin soldering tip and to heat the pads:

SD Card Ground Pads

SD Card Ground Pads

The ‘front’ pads get soldered easily:

Soldered SD card socket

Soldered SD card socket

With this, I can read/write to the SD card:

Using SD card with application

Using SD card with application

The example above is from my “Kinetis Drone” Kinetis Design Studio project, and the project is found on GitHub here.


Adding a SD card socket to the board extends the usefulness of the board. So I can use it as a data logger or by any other means to read/write data to a SD card.

Happy Soldering :-)


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