Adding Insider Vision Like Thin Air

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Adding Insider Vision Like Thin Air

What’s your data worth? Probably a lot! Finding and securing insider threats is paramount to any business in the cyber world.

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Great speaking with Tony Gauda, CEO, and Gajraj Singh, VP of Marketing at ThinAir about the company’s focus on insider threat security. The company has been around for four years and has successfully shown clients how continuous information attribution can uniquely uncover insider threats and exfiltration in under 90 seconds.

ThinAir begins working with clients by inventorying the data of the entire organization without any predefined conditions. This helps to identify all of the data in the organization via lightweight sensors deployed across endpoints. Meta data is then collected and analyzed.

Tony emphasizes companies start with complete information attribution or data will remain hidden, forgotten, or unknown and will not have the complete visibility of endpoints that are critical for continuous attribution and visibility into who is accessing the data and what they are doing with it.

To date, ThinAir has been well received by companies in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, consulting, finance, and defense space. They recently helped a multi-national consulting firm find three former employees who were removing data from Salesforce, in less than 48 hours of deploying ThinAir.

Pharmaceutical companies making acquisitions are verifying the security of the IP they are buying during the due diligence process. Investment firms are able to do the same.

Tony suggests that without visibility, you cannot deploy a thorough security solution because most security solutions can’t see the data they’re failing to protect. Clients are using ThinAir to properly deploy DLP and CASB. It took Google months to prove the exfiltration of data to Waymo. ThinAir reduces the time and expense of this insider investigation research to negligible levels.

Ultimately, ThinAir:

  • Provides more visibility to help companies better allocate their security spend.
  • Allows companies to scale their security analysis team by giving security analyst experts more precise answers more quickly.
  • Show the economic impact of securing millions of dollars of unstructured data on endpoints by estimating breach loss and remediation cost by industry.
  • Provides answers to who’s seeing the data and what are they doing with it.

It will be interesting to follow the progression of insider threat security technology and its impact on the security industry.

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