Adding Off Canvas Layout to a Visual Builder Application [Video]

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Adding Off Canvas Layout to a Visual Builder Application [Video]

In this video tutorial, we take a look at how to add this popular UI layout choice using a built-in component in Oracle JET.

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Off Canvas layout is a common UI pattern for modern applications, especially on mobile devices. The concept is aimed at saving space on your page, allowing you to pop out a "drawer" of additional information. This helps reduce clutter on the main page but still provide access to important data when needed without leaving the page context. You can see an example of the runtime behavior at the top of this post.

Oracle JET provides this type of "off-canvas" behavior as a built in component, and they have a demo of it working as part of the cookbook here.

In the video below I show you how to add this to a Visual Builder application. As always, you can mostly just copy and paste code from the JET cookbook, but you need to handle some of the importing of resources a little different, and use the Visual Builder approach for adding your JavaScript function.

The code used in the video is:

Page source:

<div class="oj-offcanvas-outer-wrapper">
  <div id="startDrawer" class="oj-offcanvas-start oj-panel oj-panel-alt5 oj-offcanvas-overlay-shadow" style="width: 200px">
    <div class="oj-flex">
      <h2 id="h1-1660298733-2" class="oj-flex-item oj-sm-12 oj-md-12 selectionShareable">Menu</h2>
    <div class="oj-flex">
      <span class="oj-flex-item oj-sm-12 oj-md-1 vb-icon vb-icon-list" id="span-1660298733-1"></span>
      <oj-label id="oj-label-1660298733-1" class="oj-flex-item oj-sm-12 oj-md-3">List</oj-label>
    <div class="oj-flex">
      <span class="oj-flex-item oj-sm-12 oj-md-1 vb-icon vb-icon-pie" id="span-1660298733-2"></span>
      <oj-label id="oj-label-1660298733-2" class="oj-flex-item oj-sm-12 oj-md-3">chart</oj-label>
  <div id="mainContent" class="demo-main-content">
    <div class="oj-flex">
      <span class="oj-flex-item oj-sm-12 oj-md-1 vb-icon vb-icon-hamburger-menu" id="span-1660298733-3" on-click="[[$listeners.span16602987333Click]]"></span>
      <h2 id="h1-1660298733-1" class="oj-flex-item oj-sm-12 oj-md-10 selectionShareable">Gifts</h2>
    <div class="oj-flex">
      <hr id="hr-1660298733-1" class="oj-flex-item oj-sm-12 oj-md-12">
    <div class="oj-flex">
      <oj-list-view id="oj-list-view-1660298733-1" class="oj-flex-item oj-sm-12 oj-md-12" data="[[$page.variables.giftsListSDP]]">
        <template slot="itemTemplate">
                <img slot="image" :src="[[$current.data.picture]]" width="32" height="32">
                <p slot="title1">
                    <oj-bind-text value="[[$current.data.product]]"></oj-bind-text>
                <p slot="value1">
                    <oj-bind-text value="[[$current.data.cost]]"></oj-bind-text>
                <p slot="title2">
                    <oj-bind-text value="[[$current.data.sKU]]"></oj-bind-text>

JavaScript function in the page:

define(['ojs/ojcore'], function(oj) {
  'use strict';

  var PageModule = function PageModule() {};

  PageModule.prototype.showSide = function() {
    var offcanvas = {
      "selector": "#startDrawer",
      "content": "#mainContent",
      "edge": "start",
      "displayMode": "push",
      "size": "200px"



  return PageModule;

and in your page JSON file add this import:

"oj-offCanvas": {
  "path": "ojs/ojoffcanvas"
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