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Adding Parameters To Status Control With Dynamic "Initiate A Process" Or "Administrative Form" Drill-down

// description of your code here

var oForm = Bpm.UI.FormManager.get_current();

// get a reference to the Status Field
var staDynamic = $find("staDynamic");

if (staDynamic)
     // create an object that represents a paramValue object
     var oParam = new Object();
     oParam.Dynamic = false;
     oParam.Name = "txtParentFolderId";   // this is the FIELD on the calling form
     oParam.Type = "Text";                // this is the type of FIELD on the calling form
     oParam.Value = oForm.folderId;       // this is the value that will be passed to the FIELD on the calling form

    // Add the new object to the collection of parameter values
    staDynamic.paramValues[0] = oParam;

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