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Additional Considerations Regarding Performance And Monitoring

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Additional Considerations Regarding Performance And Monitoring

Where does performance monitoring begin and end versus other kinds of monitoring? Are there patterns we are not aware of?

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To gather insights on the state of performance optimization and monitoring today, we spoke to 12 executives from 11 companies that provide performance optimization and monitoring solutions for their clients.

Here's what they told us when we asked, "What have we failed to ask you that you think we need to consider with regards to performance and monitoring?" 

  • Risks, trends, perspectives.
  • Where does performance monitoring begin and end versus other kinds of monitoring? Are there patterns we are not aware of?
  • Another key trend is the integration of monitoring and optimization systems with testing and validation systems. Once a problem is identified and a remediation is proposed, there is a need to test and validate that the change has fully remediated the problem. Future monitoring systems will need to include a validation component.
  • One odd thing occurred to me while discussing this topic: there is an underlying expectation for the same team to work on both performance optimization and monitoring when in fact, these require different skill sets. DevOps, while they do have a technical background and are more than capable of writing code, they oversee performance monitoring. On the other hand, developers are responsible for designing and writing code, and they usually have only a vague knowledge about monitoring tools. Regardless of how a team functions, the most important aspect of the job is good communication.
  • Where do we see this going? Advancements in technologies such as AI, bots, BI, data analytics, elastic search, natural language search, and new open frameworks with standardized API’s will be game changers. These technologies will be able to work together to monitor and predict things before we have acknowledged the problem exists. It will be a lot of fun to see how these technologies are cohesively integrated in the future and their impact on software development from a perspective of QA, performance, and optimization.

By the way, here's who we spoke to!

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