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Addressing the Problems of Big Data: Answers from 6 Experts on Twitter

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Addressing the Problems of Big Data: Answers from 6 Experts on Twitter

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Monday was the official launch of DZone's 2014 Guide to Big Data and to kick off this event, we gathered a panel of six Big Data specialists to participate in DZone's first Twitter Q&A, which appeared under the #DZBigData hashtag. The Q&A went great, and I am personally grateful to all the panelists that helped lend their expert voices to Big Data problems, and I'm glad that we had a turnout for the event. Below you can browse through the actual feed for the hashtag:

Many of these questions and more are discussed in the Big Data guide, so make sure you download it and give it a read. The following is a recap of only some of the questions and answers we saw from the Big Data Q&A. You can see the rest on Twitter at the #DZBigData hashtag.

In terms of the Three Vs, do you think there are any exact or ballpark thresholds that make a use case "Big Data"?

Are current cloud infrastructures able to handle the growth of Big Data?

Any opinions about the Wolfram Language and how it compares to other solutions for visualization of large data sets?

What do you think about IBM releasing Watson Analytics? Will it be worth the $1bil investment?

What is "Dark data"? Is it really a thing and what's its value?

How do you tell the difference between a “lots of data” problem and a “Big Data” problem?

Any interesting Big Data ‘fail’ stories?

What's the biggest thing currently holding us back from getting to Big Knowledge from Big Data?

Are Google BigQuery and Cloud Dataflow, and services like them going to be like the AWS (in popularity) for Big Data?

Is NewSQL still a thing? Can NewSQL along with SQL be used together to handle pretty much any use case without NoSQL?

What major adopters of NoSQL would you point to as success stories?

Do you think our current technology will be overwhelmed by a surge in Big Data from IoT devices?


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