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ADF Performance Improvement With Nginx Compression

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ADF Performance Improvement With Nginx Compression

Learn more about content compression in this post on Nginx and Oracle's ADF WorkBetter.

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We are using the Nginx web server for the Oracle ADF WorkBetter demo hosted on the DigitalOcean cloud server. Nginx helps to serve web application content fast and offer improved performance. One of the important tuning options — content compression; Nginx does this job well and is simple to set up.

Content compression doesn't provide direct runtime performance; a browser would run the same code, doesn't matter it was compressed or not. But it brings improved perceived performance (which is very important), and network time is way faster because of reduced content size. Oracle ADF is a server-side framework, each request would bring content from the server — the faster this content comes, it means better application performance.

1. Content Compression = OFF

Let look at the stats when no content compression is applied (using our Oracle ADF WorkBetter-hosted demo).

Page load size is 2.69 MB transferred. Finish time 1.55 s:

Navigation to the employee section generates 165.76 KB and finish time 924 ms:

Navigation to employee compensation generates 46.19 KB and finish time 494 ms:

2. Nginx Compression

Compression is simple to set up in Nginx. Gzip settings are set in nginx.conf, but make sure to list all content types, which must be supported for compression. Restart the nginx process after new settings are saved in nginx.conf:

3. Content Compression = ON

Page load size is 733.84 KB transferred. Finish time 1.48 s:

Navigation to the employee section generates 72.75 KB and finish time 917 ms:

Navigation to employee compensation generates 7.59 KB and finish time 498 ms:

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