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Adobe First to Use SourceForge's New Platform

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Adobe First to Use SourceForge's New Platform

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SourceForge has just unveiled their all-new forge development platform, SourceForge 2.0, and the first organization to open a forge on it was Adobe.  The new forge, now in open beta, showcases the extended flexibility and collaboration facilities of SourceForge's platform.  Adobe was motivated to create a forge so that it could extend projects from its domain right into the middle of the open source community.  

The new forge development platform at SourceForge attempts to make software development more efficient.  Forges are an important part of the open source ecosystem and they are an important part of how individuals and companies work with open source developers.  They provide a hub for writing code and exchanging ideas.  

The new platform provides a redesigned set of tools for this purpose, including the issue tracker, wiki, source code management, and discussion system.  SourceForge 2.0 also allows developers to integrate and utilize third party tools directly on the platform.  The new forge has essentially been written from the ground up, and many of the new features are a direct result of community input.  

Adobe's new forge, dubbed " Open @ Adobe" was born from the company's desire to better align with the development principles of open source, such as easy code access and collaboration for the community.  Open @ Adobe will be an aggregation of open source code (like the Flex framework), Adobe specifications, and contributions to standards organizations.

Here are some of the open source projects that have already been moved to Open @ Adobe:

  • Text Layout Framework
  • FlexPMD
  • Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP)
  • Cairngorm
  • Adobe Panoramas Dataset
  • Tin
  • Adobe Open Source Data Sets

The Adobe Director of Standards and Open Source blogged about today's announcement:

"By aggregating the Open@Adobe technology and materials on the new platform, we give open communities and open source developers even better access to these resources through the ecosystem provided by SourceForge…  Adobe's commitment to openness is evident in its track record. The Flash file format (SWF) specifications are open and unrestricted, so any company or person can build their own SWF player if they choose to. Also freely available are related specifications for the Flash ecosystem: FLV/F4V, AMF, and MCD.

Flex, the framework for creating rich Internet applications (RIAs), is open source. The Text Layout Framework, which is the same text engine that drives typography in Flash Player, is open source. OSMF is an open source framework for building video deployment solutions using the Flash Platform. Tamarin, the virtual machine powering Flash Player, is open sourced at Mozilla." -- Dave McAllister, Director of Standards and Open Source at Adobe

For more info on how to access the open beta of SourceForge 2.0, see the SourceForge blog. [http://sourceforge.net/blog/get-ready-for-a-whole-new-forge/]

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