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Adobe Flash feud with Apple is over

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Adobe Flash feud with Apple is over

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While I agree with much of this decision, and understand the issues surrounding it, I’m rather bummed to hear Adobe sound like they are “conceding” in this manner. All this talk just continues to blur the really story: (1) Flash does not run well on mobile devices yet. I like my Android devices, but I try to avoid Flash content because it’s not that great of an experience – I’m not sure why Adobe can’t focus on improving this, this would be huge if they could. At the same time, (2) HTML5 not going to save the world next week like Apple loves to say – it’s still a long ways from being a reliable alternative itself. It’s great that Adobe is working on new tools to support HTML5 authoring – that will be great, just sad that it has come to this “feud.”

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