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ADS Launches Skirmish Model for Agile

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ADS Launches Skirmish Model for Agile

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Whatever new awaits you, begin it here. In an entirely reimagined Jira. 

There's no single formula for agile transition.  Many agile consulting agencies aren't adaptive enough to take the organization's context into account.  In these cases, agile can feel forced and employees will resist its implementation.  Some will even start to dismiss the whole idea of agile methodology.  Atlantic Dominion Solutions (ADS) recently launched a new model for agile implementation called ADS Skirmish.  ADS is both an agile training and consulting company and an agile development team themselves.  They use Ruby on Rails, Drupal, and WordPress for custom web solutions for businesses.   

Despite its warlike name, Skirmish uses gradual transition steps to prevent employee rebellion and it doesn't push deadlines for finishing the transition.  Skirmish is designed for engagements with flexible timelines.  The whole company is involved, not just developers.  ADS works to align all aspects of a business with its core development team.  Skirmish is intended for SMBs (small to medium size businesses) in order to focus on frequent face-to-face collaboration.  ADS is also careful not to disrupt the company's current production.

ADS Skirmish involves three phases:

Phase 1:  Stabilize
The first phase tries to diffuse any chaotic situations and stabilize development.  Then ADS works with the company to get a handle on their unique situation.  Metrics are set up and added to a custom dashboard for observing and managing the transition.

Phase 2:  Increase Agility
When the company is ready, ADS aligns all operations (sales, support, operations) with the agile development team.  Transparency and visualization increase and more performance metrics are added to the dashboard

Phase 3:  Sustain
Long-standing goals are set and plans for continuous improvement are implemented.  

                                                                Agile Planning by David Armano

ADS believes that agile is especially important in tough economic times.  Companies need to be more efficient with less workers.  By increasing process efficiency, speed-to-market, visibility, project control, and focus on revenue-generating activities, agile can help companies survive and even grow in a poor economic climate.

A wide range of agile resources are available at the company’s website, including articles, webinars, videos and presentations. ADS also offers individual coaching sessions and Scrum workshops.

New roadmaps, more flexible boards, and dozens of new integrations. And that's just the beginning.  


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