Advanced Techniques for Testing Responsive Apps and Sites [Webinar]

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Advanced Techniques for Testing Responsive Apps and Sites [Webinar]

More and more web and mobile developers are turning to responsive web design. This webinar provides tips for automated testing for responsive apps and sites.

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Responsive web design has become the preferred approach for building sites and apps that provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience on any phone, tablet, desktop, or wearable device.

However, automatically testing these responsive sites and apps can be quite a challenge, due to the need to cover all supported layouts, their respective navigation, and visible content.

Watch this advanced hands-on session, and learn how to:

  • Control the browser and viewport size in order to accurately target layout transition points
  • Incorporate layout-specific assertions in your tests
  • Effectively design responsive page objects
  • Visually validate the correctness of your app’s layout
  • Bonus: tips for planning and executing responsive website testing

Aakrit’s slide-deck can be found here – and you can watch the full recording here:

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