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Advantages of Launching an Android Version of Your App Alongside iOS

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Advantages of Launching an Android Version of Your App Alongside iOS

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Deciding on choosing an ideal platform to launch your app is one of the key aspects that needs to be dealt with way before you start the app development process. It is evident that every start up company finds themselves juggling between two choices.

  1. Either to begin with a feature rich iOS version and then follow up with the Android version later.

  2. Release the app on both iOS and Android at the same time with comparatively lesser features to curtail costs.

Indeed, the first option is already deployed heavily till now. So in that case, if you decide to go by the second option, developing an app that cordially serves more than one OS almost means that you would be developing two different versions of the app for two different app stores but only to realize that you’ve made the best decision in order to absorb the maximum and the best out of your app. So what are the advantages of working on Android and iOS App Development side by side?

  • Launching App on Android ‘as well’ will fill up the supply-demand gap on the Android platform.

Let us not overlook the bitter truth. Today, every other developer with a niche app idea tends to go by the traditional concept of Apple first and everything else can follow later. However, the developers need to pay heed towards the changing scenario. While you are planning to target the iOS platform with the mindset of delivering the niche audiences that this platform is particularly known for, Android users also make up a bunch of audience who are equally looking forward to try novel apps and are even ready to spend reasonable amount of cash if they encounter something that is really worth the value.

  • The enormously huge Android market IS your app’s potential target audience.

Not to forget, Android has managed to grab an astonishing 81 percent of global smartphone market share. Moreover, according to Gartner, 79% of all smartphones sold between April and June in 2013 were running Android: 177.9m handsets compared to Apple's 31.9m iPhones. Whereas, Google said that there are more than 1.5m new Android devices being activated every day. These figures simply suggests that releasing an app on the Android platform puts your app across a large mass of audience that owns an android device. Would you now consider missing out on a crucial portion of your potential customer base that can be brought in from Android platform itself?

  • The quality of the app reviews matter and Android users fare better in producing the same.

Yes, we are already aware about the importance of app ratings and app reviews to accurately deal with the app store search algorithms. Your 5 stars and positive reviews that sing all praises about the app certainly do bring in a good ranking in the app store and boost up your confidence level as well. But in reality, the criticism is what makes a greater difference to the app and helps you to accurately optimize the app’s features. In that case, Android users are believed to be more critical than iOS users while giving reviews.

  • Developing an app for Android doesn’t come as a task.

When you have decided to deal with android and iOS development altogether, you might be thinking that creating an app with two different backends will demand putting in more efforts and thereby it will result in eating up more time. Not really. The truth is, developers can relish on the fact that Play Store offers quite an easy going features that eases the developers’ problem to an extent. For instance, providing better app store analytics, allowing the developers to engage with the users by replying to their reviews and providing a better app localization tool; all these make up some of the crucial attributes that smooths the app development and app marketing process.

  • The experimentation can be well carried out on Android.

It is crucial to reciprocate with your app to the constantly changing trends and conditions in the app industry. And Android simply allows you to do so by letting you make the alterations and exploit the product at your convenience. While, iOS with its approval cycle levies a different set of rules for the same that comes in as a not so admirable aspect for the developers. Android, on the other hand, makes it easy for the developers to exploit, experiment, learn and optimize altogether.

Let us end it by closely paying attention to what does the Industry Analyst Benedict Evans has to say about the current shift taking place in the market .

Developers are starting to move from creating new products on the basis 'iPhone, then maybe Android' to 'iPhone and then Android' or even 'iPhone and Android at the same time'.”

Cool little apps from seed-funded companies are still iPhone-only, but most big well-funded businesses are doing both. Android is no longer optional for any publisher seeking real reach.

Now you know, what would make a wise decision for building better prospects for your app. While the war between Apple and Google to serve the best to the developers and users is at the peak, it is all for good at the receiving end for both. Therefore, if you have an awesome app idea then wait no more and make it a reality on both the platforms by deploying efficient Android and iOS app Development Services today.


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