Advantages of Hosting PHP Websites on Cloud Servers

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Advantages of Hosting PHP Websites on Cloud Servers

In this article, we'll discuss the many different advantages of hosting PHP websites on cloud servers over shared hosting.

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If you are making a site PHP stack, you may be worried about which hosting providers you should choose to run your site on. You could either go with shared hosting which is cheap but risky or choose to go with cloud servers which are a little more expensive than shared servers but generally more secure and reliable. Let's look into the details...

Why Shared Hosting is Dangerous to Your Website?

One of the main problems of shared hosting is its limited availability of resources. Since you are sharing all of your resources with other users, there is a high possibility that your site load time will increase owing to the piling up of storage on the shared server. Additionally, there is the major issue of security too. If any one of the sites using shared hosting gets a malicious attack, every site will be affected. Shared hosting does not give you the option to increase the size of your server, leaving you with the option to migrate to another server.

What are Cloud Servers?

Cloud servers are virtual servers which are offered by different Cloud Hosting providers. These servers run on a cloud computing environment. Cloud computing environments run as software independent units and they do not depend on centrally installed software. Cloud servers are also referred to as Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS). Cloud servers possess all of the capabilities and functionality of physical servers, the main difference being that cloud servers are operated remotely. On cloud servers you can install any operating system, whether it is Linux or Windows, to run your web site.

Advantages of PHP Websites on Cloud Servers

Servers Scalability

Depending on your site, cloud servers help you scale your memory on your own. There is no limit of memory storage and performance scalability on cloud servers and you just have to choose the right option.

Security of Your Site

Cloud hosting is more secure than shared hosting. On cloud hosting you don’t have to worry about the malware that may hit your site. Managed Cloud server providers automatically handle that for your site.

Site Run Time

Cloud servers are much faster than shared hosting. Your site load time increases and you don’t have to worry about your site crashing, since cloud servers are virtual servers, meaning if one server crashes, another one is immediately available for your site.

Optimized Server

All of the cloud servers are pre-optimized for your site no matter if you are a pure PHP stack site or using PHP framework like WordPress, Codeigniter, Laravel, etc. It has ability to handle any site made on any platform.

Backup of Data

Cloud server providers automatically back up your data every day, therefore, you don’t have to worry about losing your data. Cloud hosting service providers backup your data every 4 hours and also have option in which you can tell them when to back up your data.

These are only a few of the major advantages of hosting a PHP site on the Cloud. One of the major advantages, especially from an ecommerce perspective, is that cloud hosting decreases your website load times and increases your conversion rate.

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