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Advice for IT Workers Threatened by the Cloud

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Advice for IT Workers Threatened by the Cloud

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On my travels around the place I’m often met with resistance to cloud adoption by IT staffers.

While some of this resistance is related to valid security or other issues, much is simply IT workers feeling threatened. I talked about this with focus.com who went out to their expert community and created this quick advice guide for IT staffers.

There’s notheing revolutionary here but it’s all valid stuff. The highlights are;

  • Get informed about cloud computing and learn as much as you can about it.
  • Get hands-on experience with cloud computing and experiment with it.
  • Learn how the cloud can help your business and help foster your own professional growth.
  • Understand that cloud computing, like other ‘disruptive technologies,’ doesn’t spell the end of IT.
  • Lead by example, and envision yourself as a concierge for end users.

You can read the entire report here.

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