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Agile 2011 Begins With Big Announcements From Thoughtworks, Tasktop

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Agile 2011 Begins With Big Announcements From Thoughtworks, Tasktop

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The Agile 2011 Conference, the tenth annual gathering for Agile programming enthusiasts around the world, began in Salt Lake City on Monday. Aside from an array of talks, tutorials and workshops, there's been no shortage of important announcements for Agile-related products and product updates. Some highlights so far from Thoughtworks and Tasktop:

Thoughtworks Studios has announced two new enhancements to its Adaptive ALM suite- upgrades to its Go Agile release management and Twist Agile testing solutions. 

Go 2.3 provides a solution for auditing, traceability and compliance in the software delivery process. It contains a new configuration interface to simplify the process of setting up and managing the Go server and build pipelines, as well as these other features:

•Automatic verification of every file retrieved from Go's repository: ensures files haven't been tampered with.
•Agent history: view complete history and traceability of all work done by an agent.
•Recording of configuration history: sees exactly what the configuration looked like when a given task was conducted.
•New pipeline wizard: helps build pipelines in only three steps.


Twist 2.3

The newest incarnation of Twist will extend automated testing with Selenium 2 support, as well as new features that allow web site testing on Android and iOS devices. Some specific features:

•Selenium 2 support: supports the popular open source web testing tool, Selenium 2 – including a rich recorder for the new Selenium 2 Webdriver API– which drives test automation for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, as well as the Android and iOS mobile browsers.
•Refactoring propagation control: enables fine-grained control of how test steps are extracted into higher-level concepts.
•New Twist user interface: more easily update project properties, quickly change browsers between test executions, configure reporting options, and allow administrators to edit user-created properties.

Twist will be available tomorrow (August 10), and Go will be released on August 24.

Tasktop Sync

Tasktop's Sync is the first real-time synchronizer for ALM, and enables IT companies to synchronize existing ALM servers from multiple vendors and open source projects.

Some features include:

    •    Real-time synchronization (<1s average time per sync item with standard server specs)
    •    Automated and configurable conflict resolution
    •    Visual administrator tools for synchronization mapping design and performance monitoring
    •    Support for all artifact types, including tasks, work items, defects, requirements and tests
    •    No new repositories needed, all data stored in your existing trusted ALM systems

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