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Agile Change Management

Have you made the decision to switch to Agile? Make sure your managers are active proponents of the transition and the teams know what to expect in terms of change.

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Today, I'd like to talk about change management. Change here can be referred to as Agile transformation and management here refers to managers and supervisors. Managers play a vital role in the Agile transformation of an organization as they have a direct relationship with employees to support and execute the transformation under their influence.

If managers and supervisors do not support the change to Agile, or actively resist it, the greater the chances that this behavior will negatively influence their team. So, it's very important to start executing the change with managers first. Change can be related to a process, system, role, and new organizational structure. Being at top levels, managers and supervisors have the authority to implement the change successfully, and hence play an important role in supporting the implementation of change management.

People get motivated if they find benefits in doing something, but also sense any loss of benefits that may come with the change. So it's very important to create a transparent communication flow within the team before they start assuming the worst. 

There are three very important steps for any organization willing to transform or change (from traditional to Agile), which are expected from managers:

1. Open communication: This is the first stage of introducing any change. Employees should be made to understand the importance and benefits of the change, however small or large it is.

2. Phases to implement the change: Change should be done in various phases and in smaller parts.

3. Monitoring and continuous improvement: Careful and continuous monitoring of change is very important to measure its impact and success. It's very important that all should understand the desired output with the change and work to be done to achieve that change.

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