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Agile March Roundup: Countdown to Launch

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Agile March Roundup: Countdown to Launch

We're wrapping up the top five, then we're counting back down to one in this month's Agile wrap-up. Come join the countdown!

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Whatever new awaits you, begin it here. In an entirely reimagined Jira. 

Posts? Check. Pageviews? Check. Amazing contributors? Check. A bomb theme to tie it all together?

You're damn right.

Greetings, Agiliens, Aglites, and Agilenauts everywhere. I come in peace, and I'm about to leave my desk at DZone with purpose since it's quitting time, so I'll keep it brief this time around. It's the monthly article roundup, and as always, we'll start with the articles that have garnered the most interest (measured in pageviews) since last I typed, and then we'll move on into the articles that inspired this month's theme.

Mission Accomplished

  1. 10 Classic Software Development Books for Programmers by Jo Stitchbury — Take a look at this Bounty post that gives the author's recommendations on 10 books and resources that will make you a better programmer.
  2. 5 Common Barriers to Agile Adoption [Video] by Chris Caldwell — In this video, Bryan Smith speaks with Kelly Weyrauch about the intersection of Agile coaching and development, and the medical field.
  3. When to Go for Two and When to Play It Safe by John Vester — Using the two extra point options in American football, Zone Leader John Vester wonders how many times project teams attempt to go for two, instead of taking the safer route on their projects.
  4. The 5 Most Popular Code Editors for 2018 by Michaela Burgman — If you are looking for a new code editor, look no further! This list gives a quick roundup of the more well-like editors for you to try.
  5. The Best Software Development Method by Anderson Q — From drafting the original idea to implementing development solutions, the answer to the best holistic software method is rarely one-size-fits-all.

Initiate Countdown

5 Ways to Improve Your Quality Assurance by Fred Wilson 

At the intersection of performance and Agile lies this article, which talks about how an Agile environment shifts the position of performance testing to the fore, and how Agile teams can increase the productivity and accuracy of their tests and testing process. 

Product Owners Need 4 Things by Allan Kelly 

Aside from the obvious (experience, leadership, and a devilishly good smile), Allan Kelly suggests four characteristics that directly affect the experience a Product Owner has with a development team. The title says, but I counted at least 6.

The 3 Big C's of Agile Development and Testing by Amir Rozenburg

Continuing on, this article describes three important aspects of an Agile digital transformation, and continues with an explantion of how each continues to be crucial to Agile development. You'll never guess what the "C" stands for. 

Implementing (Two) Kanban Practices with Kaizen in Mind by Marco Bresciani

It's the late 1940s, and Toyota is developing a revolution new production process. Journey to the beginning of Kanban and add some Japanese lexicon to your vocabulary in this post urging you to keep the Japanes principle of kaizen in mind. 

Why “Agile” by Amit Sharma

And to wrap things up, in lieu of anything that actually says "1," we explore the single, all-important question: why should anyone care about Agile? This article does a pretty good job of explaining that, and if you need more reasons, take a look at all the other great posts from this month and beyond. 

That's it for this wrap up, folks! 

New roadmaps, more flexible boards, and dozens of new integrations. And that's just the beginning.  

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