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Agile Marketing, Anyone?

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Agile Marketing, Anyone?

Bringing Agile practices from software houses to marketers makes a lot of sense in today's fast-paced environment. How exactly does it work?

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It's not surprising that Agile development has spread to marketing. In a fast-paced environment, software development and marketing, along with any other business sectors, needs to be able to quickly adapt and change course. Bringing Agile practices from software houses to marketers makes a lot of sense. How does it work?

Short-Term Planning

Marketing plans are not drawn for years ahead, but generally mapped out for weeks only. This saves resources and helps to promote constant re-evaluation of goals, on the basis of latest results and new trends. At the same time, teams stay on top of all new marketing methods and grow their skillset.

Tests Over Risks

Rather than running one or two risky campaigns, a series of smaller experiments are performed, adding up to a collection of new, usable information about the market and not posing the risk of a costly failure.


Thanks to the iterative nature of Agile approach, the ability to frequently test and review the marketing teams' plans allows for much better prioritization, so that no energy is wasted on non-important or dropped projects, but focused on those that bring the most value.


Actions are to be based on data gathered in an iterative analysis of the last Sprint performance, and not on the team's feelings and predictions. This helps to avoid a hit-and-miss marketing and better reach the actual audience and market.


Quick changes are made possible and deciding on having to make them is easier since they're backed by previously gathered data. A better ability to change fast makes companies more in tune with the market, helps stay valid and allows them to offer continuously relevant services and products.

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