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Agile Roundup: Feeling a Little Testy

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Agile Roundup: Feeling a Little Testy

In this month's edition, we look at Agile testing practices, how they're evolving, and how testing can keep up. Read on!

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In this month's Agile Roundup, we explore the wide, wonderful world of testing! So read on to explore topics like how to write tests, changes to the manual testing field, and coding smells in unit tests, and have your assumptions tested! Get it?! Because of the testing thing... Anyway, let's get to it! 

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Testing, Testing... 1, 2...  

  1. 7 Popular Unit Test Naming Conventions by Ajitesh Kumar. Do you use the most popular, well-known naming conventions when writing your unit tests, or do you use the naming conventions that sit by themselves in the corner because they smell bad? Find out in this article! 

  2. Writing Good Tests by David Bernstein. When it comes to Agile methodologies and code quality, few, if any, say it better than Mr. Berstein. So, I'll let him do the talking: "Good tests are extremely valuable because they help you build out behaviors in ways that make sense and they support you in refactoring your code later. But in order for tests to have these amazing benefits and more they must be good tests. They must be unique, at the right level of abstraction, based on acceptance criteria, and be implementation independent."

  3. Changes Manual Testers Must Embrace by Monica Paul. We look at things that manual testing professionals can do to stay ahead in their field as software testing becomes increasingly automated. 

  4. Unit Testing Smells: What Are Your Tests Telling You? by Erik Dietrich. A look at some the ways that testing can go wrong, and 'smells' that programmers, accidentally, implement, in their code. If your test code smells, consider this your testing deodorant. 

  5. Today's Approach to Testing Has No Future, Part 1 by Leszek Zielinski. You can almost hear the sound of Sarah McLachlan playing in the background, while images of poor, abandoned testing solutions fly past the screen. A quality assurance engineer explains why some in the industry continue to ignore the best testing solutions, and why this approach is untenable in the long term. 

Ace the Testing Test 

  1. Test Driven Development Is Not a Quality Assurance Technique by Mark Levison. Amen, brother! Test Driven Development isn't a way to check the quality of code after it's been written, it's a way to ensure the quality of code while it's being written. 

  2. When to Stop Testing by Dave Nicolette. Using the terms testing and checking interchangeably is something that most developers are probably guilty of. If this guilt is weighing on your conscience, keeping you up late into the night, read on to understand the difference. And, even if it's not, you should still read the article. 

  3. Engineering Hight Quality Through Agile Testing Practices by Dan Radigan. A look at why shifting testing practices left in an Agile development environment is so important to the end product's quality. Maybe Beyoncé can do a remix of Irreplaceable, "Every test I run, shift it to the left." Or, maybe not... 

DZone Testing Publications

  1. DZone's Guide to Automated Testing: Improving Application Speed and Quality featuring articles by Jim Holmes, Carlo Cadet, Maciej Gryka, Mirco Hering, Niklas Wuensche, Tamas Cser, Slaven Slugic, Soumyajit Basu, and Tom Smith. Automated testing has many exciting benefits, like decreasing time to market, improving software quality, and incentivizing developers to build applications that will pass tests the first time around. The 2017 Guide to Automated Testing covers what code can or should be automated and tutorials to get you started. Learn more about mobile testing in Kotlin, go beyond what Selenium provides for web application testing, and take a deep dive into trends such as Behavioral-Driven Development and Visual Regression.

  2. DZone Refcard: Continuous Testing 101 by Christopher Springstead. There are many misconceptions as to what Continuous Testing is. Is it the same thing as Continuous Delivery? It’s probably a QA-led activity, right? You’re getting warmer. These concepts are certainly connected. Let’s push the misconceptions aside and learn exactly what Continuous Testing is, the 10 key elements of Continuous Testing methodology, and the benefits of utilizing this concept.

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