The Agile Tour: Is It Coming to You?

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The Agile Tour: Is It Coming to You?

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There's an international conference known as the The Agile Tour It's had a number of events all over the world, and now it's gaining traction in the United States as well. (If you are in the international DZone audience, please forgive my local bias.)

 Our local edition of Agile Tour is coming on October 28th. We're offereing a full day of great content in two tracks. We've got Andy Hunt (one of the Agile Manifesto authors!), Tom Grant (a Senior Forrestor analyst) talking about Agile and innovation, Jeff Patton discussing Story Mapping, Dr. Laurie Williams, Dawn Cannan, Don Gray, William Krebs (aka Agile Bill), Raj Mudhar (from Alcatel/Lucent), and more.

 Our RTP event is only $50 for early bird signup and $100 for the procrastinators. ;) 

Washington, DC has an upcoming Agile Tour event on October 22nd. They've got Bob Payne (Agile Toolkit podcast), George Dinwiddie, and more. 

Philadelphia is even sooner! The Philly event is on October 14th.

The Agile Tour brings a one day experience to your backyard, but it's a world class event. The pricing is always kept to a minimim with the goal being to build up the local community, not turn a profit. If there's one in your area, please support it. If there's not, then you have a chance to be the person who brings it your city!





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