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Agile Transitions - A Forum for Bosses with Agile Questions

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In an effort to promote the adoption of agile and the sharing of related insights, ThoughtWorks has launched Agile Transitions. This online community is intended for C-level (CTO, CEO, etc.) executives who want to discuss issues related to Agile IT.  A growing number of senior tech executives from corporate, education, and government sectors are joining the site.  

Adam Monago, the VP of client services for ThoughtWorks Studios said, “This online community provides an interactive forum for leaders and executives to exchange ideas and experiences.  It also allows ThoughtWorks to share its experience addressing the business-related issues that are critical to building a sustainably Agile organization at the global, enterprise-wide level.”

The site also contains plenty of resources for gathering knowledge.  Some interesting articles include Good and Bad Wagile, There's no substitute for having the right people, and Agile Made Us Better, but We Signed Up for Great

Topics discussed on the open forum include:

  • IT governance
  • Organization, PMO, Leadership, Coaching
  • Budgeting/financing, Compliance, Portfolio
  • Risk management
  • HR issues
  • Enterprise adoption and integration strategies (Models, Fitness, Tracking)  

Along with all the features you'd expect in a regular forum, there are also Q&A features that let members pose questions to the community.  There is an Agile Transitions blog, a space for executive discussion, a media gallery, and Thought Leadership webinars.  The site also includes a resource library that is searchable and includes articles, whitepapers, reference materials.

ThoughtWorks is full of industry experts like Martin Fowler, but they have always featured numerous experts from various organizations in their panel discussions and webinars.  Even before the 'Studios' division of ThoughtWorks started producing agile tooling, they had a company vision to facilitate a community space where customers could showcase how various tools were used in their respective environments.  The ThoughtWorks Studio Community site (which has been around for awhile) provides a forum for exchanging information about agile tooling.

Check out some of our interviews with the leaders of ThoughtWorks Studios (Including Cyndi Mitchell, the Managing Director of TWS):

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