Agile Trekking: Why Does it Look I am Walking Backwards?

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Agile Trekking: Why Does it Look I am Walking Backwards?

Why knowledge management is essential to keeping your organization on an agile path.

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Leaders often find themselves in this situation after few plus years in an agile transformation journey. At the start of the trek everyone in the enterprise was super excited, adopted new practices, shared their learnings, worked as cohesive unit, and delivered predictable and continuous value to customers.

Trekking through the years, we find consultants leave and with them, their expertise. You start to notice dysfunctions, lethargy, lack of motivation, and diminishing value delivered to customers. What is going on? As a trek leader, why do I feel like we are walking backwards, reliving the past all over again? How do we stop it and resume trekking in the right transformation path?

How to stem the backward spiral, with organic sustainable strategies and governance mechanisms that have been applied successfully at large enterprises. The talk introduces the learning organization model with transformation office, coaching nucleus, community of practice, and knowledge nerve center all working under the stewardship of the change leadership team.

Understand the transformation path:

Agile Transformation Trek Path

With obstacles along the path, the agile trekker needs to take shelter under the tree of sustainability.

The tree of sustainability

How does one stop the backward spiral and move towards a learning organization, with capabilities that sustain growth through change initiatives focused on improvements through transformation office, working with coaching and knowledge nerve centers for adopting new practices?

Learning Organization

For further information on my paper, check out the url: https://www.slideshare.net/secret/Dw50XqZY7dFsQk

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